What about SAS ☃️ Is Flight by Scandinavian Airlines Worth It? 🤔

Considering booking a flight with SAS? Read verified reviews and find great deals for Scandinavian Airlines flights. Is it worth it? Find out here! ✈️

SAS, also known as Scandinavian Airlines, is the flagship carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This Star Alliance member airline operates an extensive network of flights within Scandinavia and Europe, as well as some long-haul routes to Asia and North America.

With bases across Scandinavia including Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, SAS flies to over 100 destinations. The airline typically transports around 30 million passengers per year.

But is SAS really a good airline to fly with? Or are you better off looking at other options for your next flight within Europe or beyond?

Let’s take an in-depth look at what SAS has to offer on both short-haul and long-haul flights.

An Overview of SAS Airlines

Before we dive into the cabin experience and amenities offered by SAS, let’s first look at some background of the airline’s operations:

SAS is one of the founding members of the Star Alliance network, giving it codeshare agreements with airlines like Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and Air Canada. Though it has announced it will leave Star Alliance in 2024 to join SkyTeam alongside airlines like KLM and Air France.

The airline operates a fleet of nearly 150 aircraft from four main hubs – Copenhagen Airport (CPH), Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), Oslo Airport (OSL) and Stavanger Airport (SVG). Destinations served include major cities across Europe, as well as a handful of long-haul routes to Asia and North America.

In 2023, SAS launched a company restructuring process after filing for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. This has involved significant cost cutting efforts including reductions to staff numbers, flight frequencies and lounge access for some fare types.

Short Haul Flights on SAS. The majority of SAS flights are within Europe, giving passengers access to an extensive intra-European network. On flights under 3 hours, you’ll typically fly an Airbus A320 family aircraft.

Economy Class on SAS Short-Haul Flights

In economy, SAS offers streamlined service with extras available for purchase. Seats are in a standard 3-3 configuration with 31″ seat pitch. Power ports are available at every seat.

The SAS Go fare includes a carry-on bag (8 kg) plus a small personal item. Checked luggage and seat selection cost extra. SAS Go Light is an even more basic economy fare.

Food and drinks have to be purchased on board short flights, with items like sandwiches, snacks and wine on offer.

SAS Plus Premium Economy For a bit more space and amenities without breaking the bank, SAS Plus offers:

  • Middle seat blocked for more room
  • Extra legroom seats with at least 34″ pitch
  • Light meal on flights over 1.5 hours
  • One checked bag included

SAS Plus fares also include lounge access when flying from Scandinavian airports, early boarding and fast track security (when available).

Long-Haul SAS Flights On intercontinental routes, SAS operates a fleet of Airbus A330s and A350s configured with three cabins: business class, premium economy and economy.

Let’s look at what you can expect when flying long-haul with Scandinavia’s largest airline.

Business Class on SAS

SAS business class features lie-flat seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, providing direct aisle access for all passengers. Seats recline to fully flat 180 degree sleeping positions.

On Airbus A330 aircraft, SAS business class seats have massage functions. Amenity kits and premium bedding add to the comfort levels.

You’ll be well fed in SAS business class too. Expect things like lobster starters and tenderloin mains served on china with metal cutlery. Breakfast typically includes fresh fruit, breads, cheeses and smoked fish. Complimentary wine flows throughout the flight.

Other business class amenities include priority services like dedicated check-in and fast track security. SAS also grants business class travelers access to lounges, additional baggage allowance and bonus points.

SAS Plus Premium Economy on Long-Haul

For Premium Economy, SAS Plus provides wider seats with adjustable head/foot rests and much-welcome personal space. The 2-4-2 cabin layout does mean a middle seat but with up to 36” seat pitch and only seven seats per row.

On overnight long-haul flights, expect breakfast along with complimentary beer and wine in SAS Plus. You’ll also receive an amenity kit on intercontinental journeys over eight hours. Like business, SAS Plus, grants lounge access and bonus points, making it a solid premium economy choice if budget allows.

Economy Class on Long Flights with SAS

In economy, SAS configures its Airbus A330s and A350s in a 2-4-2 layout. Power ports are available under every seat and SAS provides blankets and pillows to make you more comfortable during overnight journeys.

The SAS Go fare you choose provides a carry-on bag (8 kg), though extras like checked luggage, seats and meal service require additional payment. The higher-tier SAS Go Smart includes a meal, baggage and more flexibility.

SAS Lounge Access Policies

As a full-service carrier, SAS operates its own airline lounges at airports across Scandinavia along with other hubs like New York and Chicago. SAS lounges offer comfortable seating, free food/drinks, flight info screens and complimentary Wi-Fi. Access varies:

  • Business class passengers receive complimentary access
  • SAS Plus Premium Economy grants entry when departing Scandinavian airports
  • SAS Gold and Diamond frequent flyers can use lounges regardless of ticket
  • One-time passes can also be purchased for €35-€50

So Is SAS Worth Flying With? When looking for flights on European routes, SAS doesn’t pretend to be an ultra low-cost carrier. Yet as a contemporary hybrid airline, SAS still competes by offering affordable base fares plus paid extras if required.

Scandinavian Airlines: What Are People Saying?

When booking flights, reading reviews from other travelers can give useful insight into what your experience may be like flying with a particular airline. Here’s a sampling of recent first-hand reviews for SAS to help you decide if it’s the right airline for your next trip.

On review site AirlineQuality, SAS scores 7/10 based on metrics like product quality and staff service. According to reviewers, SAS flight attendants are typically friendly, professional and helpful. The airline’s EuroBonus frequent flyer program also draws praise – making it easier to earn upgrades and other rewards when you fly regularly with SAS.

Among the most common complaints about SAS are fees for extras in economy class, limited legroom on some aircraft, and more limited inflight dining than other full-service legacy carriers. Since filing for bankruptcy in 2022, SAS has also faced labor issues like pilot strikes that led to disruptive flight cancellations over the summer.

On discussion forums like FlyerTalk, SAS earns mixed reviews. One member called their flight “perfectly acceptable without being exceptional.” Others describe SAS as a reliable airline that hits a “sweet spot” between ultra-low-cost budget carriers and luxury five star airlines. Negative experiences cited include cramped 737s, cold meals in economy and subpar entertainment options on some planes.

Several blogs emphasize that SAS still offers very competitive fares compared to other legacy European airlines. So while service niceties now often come with fees, the airline still deserves consideration thanks to extensive connectivity via hubs like Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Booking Your Next Scandinavian Airlines Flight

When booking with SAS, double check policies for your fare class on things like seat assignments, checked bags and ticket flexibility. Be ready to pay extra for certain amenities unless you purchase a higher-tier ticket option.

Use the FlySAS site or app for easiest access to deals and booking options. SAS also offers codeshare flights with Star Alliance partners, so compare schedules and pricing on sites like Google Flights as well. Various third party travel sites often sell SAS tickets too.

If price is your priority, booking SAS flights directly does often undercut reseller sites once taxes and fees are included. Sign up for email alerts so you don’t miss out on SAS flight deals and special offers open to EuroBonus members.

Consider routing through SAS hubs like Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo to take advantage of the largest network to Northern European destinations. Flying into one city and home from another can maximize your time exploring Scandinavia too.

As with many European legacy carriers these days, full-service niceties in economy now come with additional costs. Nonetheless, SAS delivers a quality onboard experience paired with extensive European connectivity through Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

Frequent SAS travelers can also take advantage of the EuroBonus loyalty program, working towards perks like bonus tickets, upgrades and lounge access.

If considering a long-haul trip across the Atlantic bundled into a European holiday, look into their business and premium economy cabins. Lie-flat pods for sleeping in SAS business class or the comforts of SAS Plus can make red-eye flights much more bearable.

So if you’re primarily seeking the cheapest possible ticket, ultra low-cost airlines may undercut SAS. However, when weighing up convenience, routing options and carrier reputation, SAS still represents a competitive choice for many Scandinavia-bound travelers.

The airline hits a sweet spot between low-frills budget and luxury five star airlines. Plus, the reliability and quality that travelers associate with Scandinavian hospitality adds an extra layer of confidence when booking those flights.

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