Upgrade Your Backpack 💪🎒 The Best Bag for Travel Patches

Upgrade your backpack with the best bag for travel patches! Find the perfect place to sew on over 30 unique patches and make your mark in style 💟☮️

For travelers and adventurers who like collecting memorabilia from their journeys, patches make excellent mementos. Sewing on a patch from each destination personalizes your gear’s look and serves as a wearable scrapbook. But with so many bags and backpacks to choose from, which ones work best for showing off your patches? This guide covers the top bag styles and materials for applying patches.

Backpacks – Ideal Place for Patches

We think backpacks make ideal canvases to put patches on itthanks to their large fabric surfaces. And many backpacks even have sections tailored for customization. Brands like Goruck, 5.11 Tactical, Topo Designs, and Sandqvist feature Velcro panels specifically to put patches on. The military-inspired designs and durable fabrics hold up well to repeated use. And Velcro makes it easy to switch around patches whenever you add new ones.

If your current backpack lacks Velcro, don’t rule it out. You can still iron patches onto fabric areas like the front pocket or top flap. Materials like canvas, cotton, cordura nylon, and polyester often work nicely for applying fabric and iron-on patches. Though be cautious ironing synthetic fabrics to avoid scorching. For security, use extra stitching around patch borders. And seal the edges with clear fabric glue to prevent fraying.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags and shoulder bags tend to have strips or panels of Velcro too for adding patches. The flap cover of messenger bags provides a convenient spot to proudly display your travel patches. And the wide single strap keeps them visible when worn cross-body style.

Brands like Timbuk2, Manhattan Portage, and Chrome Industries make quality messenger bags to last years. The durable fabrics and leather trim develop character over time. And Velcro patch areas customize the aesthetic while protecting contents like laptops and tablets.

If your messenger bag didn’t originally include Velcro, adding your own is simple. Hardware stores sell self-adhesive Velcro strips to neatly apply. Then stick your compatible Velcro-back patches. This helps patches cling securely through daily activity while allowing you to reposition them later on.

Camera Bags

Photographers and content creators need protective bags for expensive gear. So durable camera bags like Ona leather bags make ideal canvases for patches. Brands like Billingham, Domke, Tenba, and ThinkTank all have messenger-style camera bags with Velcro and webbing. The thicker padding and water-resistant fabrics handle patches well without compromising interior protection.

Backpack-style camera bags from LowePro, Manfrotto, and Vanguard also play nice with patches. Their weatherproof designs secure photography equipment on expeditions while outdoor-oriented features like hiking straps accept customized patches. Consider the surplus MOLLE loops, daisy chains, and modular surface layers as opportunities for patches rather than limitations. Get creative mixing materials like embroidered fabric, PVC vinyl, iron-ons, leather, and reflective patches too.

Wherever you place them on your camera bag, visible patches add personality. They characterize the stories and locations tied to your images. So between shoots, your custom patches spark conversations about past adventures. And hint at future travels waiting ahead.

Duffel Bags

For weekend excursions and carrying gym gear, a duffel bag provides ample patch real estate. The simple design combines large panels and minimal hardware that’s ideal for decorating. Canvas duffel bags readily accept sewing patches, though many athletic brands now use more synthetic fabrics. Outdoor companies like Patagonia, The North Face, and Eagle Creek make duffels with heavy-duty materials, pockets, and lash points that still patch up nicely.

Consider utilizing the exterior daisy chains and mesh pockets to display patches too. These overt areas sit away from the contents inside. Flat or slightly 3D patches work best so they don’t jut out and get caught on things. Apply adhesive sticker patches or carefully stitch them along borders. This keeps them functioning properly while giving your duffel added personality.

Tips for Applying Patches

Now that you’ve selected the best bag for patches, here are some application tips:

  • Use iron-on adhesive patches and a hot iron to affix them to fabric surfaces like cotton, canvas, leather and felt. Take care not to scorch synthetic materials.
  • Sew fabric and embroidered patches onto gear like backpacks and messenger bags using strong nylon thread. Combine thread colors to best blend the stitching. Apply sealant like Fray Check on patch borders to prevent unraveling.
  • Stick Velcro tape onto uneven bag surfaces and the backs of patches. This allows you to detach and reposition patches later on while keeping them in place day-to-day.
  • Attach patches onto straps, daisy chains, and MOLLE webbing using multiple stitches or patch adhesive glue for durability. These high-movement areas warrant extra security measures.

Now Wear Your Travel Story

So buy a bag (or pick the old one if you have it) suited for your daily duties and start telling your exploratory story through patches. Curate small textile souvenirs from trips near and far. Let their origins shine through in the designs and materials like felt, leather, canvas, vinyl and embroidered fabrics. Distinct patches make fine mementos that adorn your bags with memories. And trigger conversations about past journeys with others.

When searching for a new pack or bag, check product images and descriptions for any special patch pockets or personalization features built-in. With some forethought, you can find stylish, long-lasting bags ready to accumulate your patch collection for years of travel ahead.

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