Top Sun Hats for Men ๐Ÿค  Stylish Sun Protection Hats

Discover the top sun hats for men at Coolibar, offering stylish sun protection hats with UPF50+ for ultimate sun safety. Stay fashionable and protected ๐Ÿงข

Finding the best sun hat for men can make all the difference when spending time outdoors in sunny conditions. With the right hat, men can protect their face, neck and scalp from the sun’s harmful UV rays while staying comfortable and looking stylish.

What to Look for In a Men’s Sun Hat

When shopping for the best men’s sun hat, there are several key factors to consider:

Sun Protection

A good sun hat should have a wide brim of at least 3 inches to provide ample shade and protection. A UPF rating of 50+ blocks 98% of UV radiation from reaching your skin. Some sun hats also feature neck capes or flaps for protecting the back of the neck.


You’ll want a breathable sun hat made with ventilated fabrics to help keep your head cool on hot summer days. Mesh panels, sweatbands and eyelet vents allow air circulation so heat and moisture can escape.


The best men’s sun hats feature soft, lightweight materials that feel comfortable for all-day wear. Some have adjustable chin straps or sizing toggles for a customized fit. Padding along the brow line prevents chafing.


For travel and outdoor adventures, it helps if the sun hat can be folded, crushed or rolled up into a compact size that will fit neatly into your backpack or suitcase when not in use.


Sun hats that transition seamlessly from the trail to the town have the advantage of extra use. Opt for neutral color palettes and classic silhouettes that pair well with casual outfits.

The 12 Best Sun Hats for Men

Here are our top picks for the best men’s sun hats to meet a variety of needs:

Best Overall: Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat

With its lightweight nylon fabric, ventilated mesh and UPF 50+ rating, the Ultra Adventure hat provides exceptional sun protection. The 3.25-inch brim and 6-inch neck cape shield the face and nape of the neck.

Most Stylish: Filson Summer Packer

This versatile fedora-style hat offers UPF 50+ protection in a design that looks sharp whether worn outdoors or around town. The durable, breathable shell crushes neatly for packing.

Best Budget: REI Co-op Sahara Hat

At just $50, the Sahara hat delivers performance well beyond its price point. The ventilated polyester shell wicks moisture and provides UPF 50+ protection under a 4-inch brim.

Best for Hiking & Running: Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

The lightweight nylon Sun Runner features removable side flaps for UPF 50+ neck protection and ample mesh ventilation to keep active men cool and comfortable on trails and roads.

Best Boonie: Columbia Bora Bora II Booney Hat

The Bora Bora II is made of lightweight nylon poplin fabric for breathability. It features vent holes for airflow, a drawcord for adjustment, and an adjustable chin strap to keep it secured in windy conditions. The all around 3 inch brim offers good sun protection.

Best Bucket Hat: Patagonia Baggies Hat

A good choice for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Baggies bucket hat is made of durable recycled polyester with mesh-lined eyelets for ventilation. The foam-stiff brim shades the face.

Best Lifeguard Style: Sunday Afternoons Guardian Hat

Great for the beach or poolside, this hat has a 4.5-inch brim encircling the crown and a 5.5-inch flap protecting the neck. The cotton-poly blend is breathable and dries quickly if it gets wet.

Best Fishing Hat: Outdoor Research Helios

This lightweight nylon hat is designed for long days casting lines in the sun. It features mesh ventilation, removable cord locks, a TransAction headband to wick moisture, and UPF 50 fabric. The foam brim floats in water.

Best Safari: Outdoor Research Sombriolet Hat

The wide brim and mesh-lined crown of this safari-style hat provide cooling airflow on hot-weather adventures. The SolarShield UPF 50 fabric and foam-stiffened brim offer ample sun protection.

Best Straw Hat: Lanzom Panama Straw Hat

Crafted from tightly woven natural fibers, this classic Panama hat offers breathable comfort with UPF 50+ protection. Interior sweatband absorbs moisture, and it folds for packing.

Best Adjustable: Outdoor Research Sun Bucket Hat

The drawcord and toggle on this crushable hat allow you to customize the fit. Mesh panels provide ventilation and breathability for active pursuits under UPF 50+ SolarShield fabric.

Best Golf Hat: Titleist Ball Marker Cap

Designed with golfers in mind, this cap features a moisture-wicking CoolMax sweatband and front panel plus a UPF 30 rating. The pre-curved brim has a dark underside to reduce glare, and a hidden ball marker is tucked inside.

How to Choose the Best Sun Hat for Your Needs

When selecting a sun hat, consider when and where you plan to wear it most. Seek wide brims and high UPF ratings for extended outdoor activity. Look for lightweight, ventilated or straw fabrics if heat discomfort is a concern.

If you’ll use a hat for sports or water recreation, pick one with a chin strap or adjustable toggle for security in wind and motion. For travel, packable and crushable styles make sense.

The best sun hats for yard work may prioritize adjustability and stain-resistance. And don’t forget style – you’re more likely to wear a hat that makes you look and feel good!

With protective, comfortable and versatile sun hat options now available for men, there’s no excuse to take chances with harmful UV exposure. Find the best hat for the occasions you’ll wear it to guard yourself while actively enjoying the outdoors.

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