Find the top 10 best waterproof shoes for 2024, including waterproof walking shoes, sneakers, and water-resistant footwear to keep your feet dry! πŸ₯ΎπŸ₯Ύ

Whether you’re splashing through puddles exploring trails or simply trying to keep your feet dry when it’s raining, having the right footwear is crucial. Waterproof shoes are the solution as they allow you to tackle conditions while ensuring comfort and dryness. In this article we’ll provide an overview of the shoes in 2024 to assist you in finding the ideal pair, for your needs.

What Makes a Shoe Waterproof?

To be truly considered waterproof a shoe should feature an integrated membrane within its material. This membrane acts as a barrier against moisture infiltration while still allowing vapor from your feet to escape. Known waterproof membranes used by brands include Gore Tex, eVent and OutDry.

The upper part of the shoe is what covers your foot. Should be constructed using a fabric such as nylon or leather that has been treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating. Additionally rubber compounds in the outsole contribute to weatherproofing properties.

Best Waterproof Running Shoes

Hoka One One Clifton 9 GTX

Our number one choice for the running shoe is the Hoka One One Clifton 9 GTX. Here is a suggestion, for a paraphrased version;

This running shoe is designed with a Gore Tex upper ensuring your feet stay dry in conditions. The midsole provides both softness and stability offering a platform to run on.

We discovered that the precision toe design enhances speed while the durable rubber outsole provides traction on surfaces. Although it may seem a bit pricey at $160 the combination of waterproof features, comfort and performance makes the Clifton 9 GTX an excellent choice for runners who often encounter conditions.

Salomon Sense Ride 5 GTX

When it comes to trail running we recommend the Salomon Sense Ride 5 GTX. It features a Gore Tex lining that keeps your feet dry. Salomon SensiFit upper ensures a fit.

The Sense Ride 5 GTX offers cushioning for runs up to 20 miles while keeping its weight relatively low. It strikes a balance between comfort, protection and breathability making it suitable for wet terrains. We did find that its outsole lacks traction on trails; however overall it performs well as an all around waterproof trail running shoe.

Vessi Women’s Everyday Move

For those seeking a waterproof running shoe option we suggest considering the Vessi Womens Everyday Move. Of using Gore Tex this sneaker utilizes Vessis knit upper material that is specifically woven to be waterproof.

To provide protection against weather conditions an additional water repellent coating is applied. Weighing 7 ounces the Everyday Move keeps your feet dry from rain and puddles while providing a fit similar to wearing slippers. Due to its lack of structure it is best suited for recovery runs than speedwork.

Best Waterproof Walking Shoes

When you find yourself frequently walking in conditions, having waterproof walking shoes becomes essential. Here are our recommended choices to keep your feet dry during strolls.

On Cloud 5 Waterproof

Our selection for the waterproof walking shoe goes to the On Cloud 5 Waterproof. This lace up sneaker incorporates Ons CloudTec cushioning system for landings and powerful push offs.

We discovered that it remained completely waterproof in rain, puddles and even spills thanks to its membrane. The grippy rubber outsole ensures stability on surfaces. Although priced at $170 the Cloud 5 Waterproof offers comfort for lasting wear and guaranteed dryness, in any situation.

Merrell Moab 3 GTX

If you’re looking for walking shoes we suggest considering the Merrell Moab 3 GTX. These mid cut hiking boots are quite popular. Feature a combination of leather and mesh, on the upper treated with a waterproof membrane.

With its Vibram rubber sole this boot offers traction on surfaces. We noticed that the Moab 3 GTX runs wide making it a great choice for individuals with feet or wider toe boxes. Priced around $135 these boots provide performance without straining your budget.

Blundstone 510

For those seeking a water Chelsea boot we highly recommend the Blundstone 510. The leather upper is specially treated to resist water. Is paired with an outsole that delivers traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

These boots offer a roomy toe box. Come with a cushioned insole for all day comfort. The elastic goring allows for slip on and removal. While not completely waterproof you can rely on the Blundstone 510 to keep your feet dry in rain or snow.

Best Waterproof Shoes for Winter

When temperatures plummet and snow blankets the ground, having warm and waterproof footwear becomes essential. Here are our recommended options, for braving the conditions.

Sorel Caribou

When it comes to facing winter conditions our top recommendation is the Sorel Caribou boots. These knee high pac boots have a sealed waterproof upper and a wool liner that effectively retains heat in sub zero temperatures.

With their rubber outsole these boots provide grip on icy and snowy terrain. Although they are a bit heavy at around 4 pounds per boot their superior insulation and traction make them the best choice for winter boots.

Salomon Toundra Pro CSWP

For those who enjoy activities in snow we suggest considering the Salomon Toundra Pro CSWP boots as an option. These sturdy hiking boots come equipped with a ClimaSnow gaiter Gore Tex lightweight Thinsulate insulation to withstand cold conditions while ensuring optimal traction.

Featuring a Continental rubber outsole and heel brake these boots offer footing on icy terrain. We found them to be slightly heavy but impressively warm and grippy when navigating through snow.

Kamik NationPlus

If you’re working within a budget take a look at the Kamik NationPlus rain boots. These knee high rubber boots come with a fur liner that provides additional insulation during colder temperatures.

With their self cleaning rubber outsole and lugged tread design these boots offer stability in snowy conditions. The NationPlus provides protection against weather at an affordable price of approximately $65.

How to Choose the Right Waterproof Shoes

When shopping for waterproof shoes, consider how and where you plan to use them to narrow your choices:

  • Activity: Determine if you need hiking boots, trail runners, casual sneakers, etc. based on how much traction, cushioning and flexibility you need.
  • Weather: Think about the typical conditions you’ll use them in – is it rainy, snowy, muddy? This helps choose features like insulation and lug depth.
  • Fit: Try shoes on with the socks you’ll wear them with. They should fit snugly without pinching toes. Order wide sizes if you have broad feet.
  • Budget: Waterproof leather/mesh boots tend to cost more than fabric sneakers. But good budget options exist, like lightweight minimal shoes and rubber rain boots.

Prioritizing waterproofness and comfort helps narrow the options. Focus on brands known for their weather protection technology. With the right waterproof kicks, you can take on wet weather and keep your feet cozy and dry.

Testing Methodology

To determine the best waterproof shoes, we evaluated top-rated models by putting them through a series of hands-on tests:

Simulated Rainfall: We used a garden hose with shower setting to simulate light to heavy rainfall, assessing waterproofness.

Traction Tests: We tested traction on wet tile, grass, gravel, and mud to evaluate grip.

Outsole Examination: We looked at lug depth, pattern, and rubber hardness. Deeper lugs with softer rubber provide better traction.

Water Immersion: We submerged shoes fully in water to test waterproof lining and drainage.

Breathability Tests: We wore shoes with moisture absorbing socks during runs to test heat dissipation.

Fit Analysis: Our testers with wide and narrow feet tried on multiple sizes of each shoe. We evaluated toe box room, heel slippage, and more.

Cushioning Tests: Testers wore shoes on long walks and runs, rating underfoot softness.

Construction Quality: We cut shoes laterally to inspect layers, stitching, and material quality.

Comfort Tests: We wore shoes daily, rating all-day comfort.

We combined lab results with real world testing to provide unbiased reviews of the top men’s and women’s waterproof shoes of 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do waterproof shoes last?

With proper care, waterproof shoes typically last 500-800 miles before losing effectiveness. High mileage runners may get less than 500 miles. The upper materials and waterproof linings have a limited lifespan before breaking down.

How do you wash waterproof shoes?

Use a damp cloth to wipe dirt from uppers. Remove footbeds and wash gently with soap and water. Do not submerge shoes or put them in the washing machine, as this can degrade adhesives and waterproof linings.

Are waterproof shoes hot?

They can be, especially in warm weather. Seek waterproof shoes with breathable linings like Gore-Tex that allow vapor from your feet to escape. Proper moisture wicking socks also help. Wear them in cooler conditions when possible.

Can you resurface waterproof shoes?

You can restore water-repellency to fabric uppers by applying a wash-in DWR treatment. However, degraded interior waterproof linings cannot be repaired at home. Resoling may temporarily improve outsole traction. But truly broken down shoes must be replaced.

Are waterproof shoes good for walking?

Yes, they provide excellent protection against wet pavement, slush, and rain during walks. Look for supportive shoes with cushioning and traction outsoles suited for lots of walking. Proper fit is also important to avoid blisters or hot spots over long distances.

The Takeaway

Having footwear that can shed water and keep your feet dry is a gamechanger when you want to exercise or be active in wet conditions. Brands like Gore-Tex, Merrell, Salomon, and others engineer impressive waterproof systems into athletic footwear.

Choosing shoes tailored to your sport and weather conditions makes staying dry and comfortable a reality. We hope our hands-on waterproof shoe reviews have helped you find your perfect match!

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