The Ultimate Guide to Comfortable Slides for Men in 2024 🦶🦶

Here are some comfortable slides for men in 2024, including cushioned options from Nike, Adidas, and more. Perfect for running errands or just kicking back💨

Slides have become a staple summer shoe for men who want laidback, convenient footwear options. But with so many slides now available from top brands, how do you determine which are actually the most comfortable? We tested over 25 top-rated men’s slide styles to bring you the best picks for cushioning, support, versatility and overall blissful feel.

Whether you need plush recovery slides, a casual pair for the poolside, or a luxe option for upscale summer style, we cover them all. From sporty designs by Nike and Adidas to posh leather iterations, keep reading for the most comfortable men’s slides of 2024.

What are the Comfiest Slides in the World? Lululemon Restfeel Slide

After extensive testing, we determined the Lululemon Restfeel Slide ($58) is the world’s comfiest pair right now. This slide has it all – a contoured design with arch support, soft and breathable straps, top-notch shock absorption and a custom molded feel.

The Restfeel Slide stands out for its precise balance of cushioning and support. The straps are lined with foam for chafe-free comfort while the dual-density midsole provides stability without being overly rigid. Whether you’ll be wearing them post-workout or all day at a summer music festival, prepare for unbelievable comfort from this slide.

What are Those Slides That Everyone Wears? Adidas Adilette Slides

The Adidas Adilette ($55-$65) slide is another iconic and ubiquitous summer style you’ll see on feet everywhere. Known for its sporty three-stripe branding, this popular slide has a contoured, one-piece sole design for seamless comfort.

Adidas uses lightweight EVA foam cushioning along with its responsive Cloudfoam footbed. Together these technologies offer a springy feel as you walk while still hugging the contours of your feet. The Adilette also comes in a spectrum of fun, eye-catching hues to match your personal style.

Which Brand is Best for Slides?

When it comes to big athletic brands, it’s hard to beat Nike and Adidas for legendary slide comfort. However, newer players like Lululemon and even high fashion labels like Gucci now offer impressive slide options too.

Ultimately the “best” slide brand comes down to your priorities – do you want sporty comfort for casualwear and activities? Or more posh, designer styles for upscale events? Brownie points if you can find a pair adept at both, like the Oliver Cabell slides covered below.

Most Comfortable Slides Overall: Lululemon Restfeel

Starting off our list with the prime example of comfort meeting versatility, the Lululemon Restfeel ($58) is a top pick for its precise balance of support and cushy feel. After wearing this slide all day at outdoor summer events and lounging at home, we remain amazed by its plushness.

The contoured shape offers reliable arch support while the soft foam footbed treats your feet to pillowy comfort. The straps are also lined with cushy foam to eliminate irritation across the top of your foot. Whether you’ll be recovering after tough workouts or strolling around town on off-duty days, the Restfeel slide has your comfort necessities covered.

Most Comfortable Luxury Slide: Oliver Cabell Vegan Slide

Men searching for a posh yet cushy slide should turn to Oliver Cabell’s Vegan Slide ($115). Handmade in Italy from sleek black vegan leather and recycled materials, this eco-friendly slide still pampers your feet in luxury.

It shares the top spot as most globally comfortable thanks to its contoured cork footbed layered with plush memory foam cushioning. The slim straps are also lined in soft microfiber, eliminating pressure points without compromising the streamlined look. Wear these stylish slides confidently from upscale restaurants to beach vacations and beyond.

Most Comfortable Athletic Slide: Nike Benassi

Beloved for its sporty vibe and squishy midsole, the Nike Benassi ($21-$34) slide continues to earn high scores for athletic comfort. The Benassi utilizes a single-piece, injection Phylon foam footbed for springy yet cushioned steps.

This fan favorite slide is also ultra lightweight at just 4-5oz. Over 20 vibrant color options keep your seasonal rotation fresh while the Benassi’s sporty versatility takes you from backyard hangs to pre/post workout sessions with carefree comfort.

Most Comfortable Everyday Slide: The North Face Triarch

Seeking a slide you can wear almost anywhere without performance compromises? Reach for The North Face Triarch ($59). This cushy contender comes from one of the most trusted names in outdoor and adventure apparel.

Accordingly, the Triarch employs performance features like tough Cordura fabric straps and an anti-slip outsole while still focusing on comfort. An EVA foam midsole absorbs shock impressively well even during lengthy wear while the contoured footbed keeps your feet comfy across a range of activities.

Most Comfortable Budget Slide: Adidas Adissage

Fans of deep kneading relief will love the Adidas Adissage ($29.60-$32). This massage slide utilizes a series of massage nubs along the footbed to help relax muscles and fascia.

While you won’t want to log daily miles in these rigid soles, they feel amazing pre and post athletic activity or a long work day spent standing. Bonus perk – the Adissage is very budget-friendly, especially for the targeted comfort it provides active individuals.

Are Slides Good for Walking?

Select slide styles with ample arch support, shock absorption and traction can make great walking shoes for casual wear. Key features that make slides walkable include contouring footbeds that properly cradle the foot, slip-resistant outsoles and responsive cushioning.

For example, the cushy Lululemon Restfeel and The North Face Triarch slides mentioned above both provide excellent walkability. Their contoured shapes keep the foot stable while layers of foam cushion each step. Brands like Oofos and Reef also design select slide styles specifically for all-day, active wear.

However, flimsy flip flops and dressy leather slides lack proper structure for lengthy walking. Limit those styles to poolside lounging or quick indoor/outdoor transfers. For logging serious mileage, stick to performance-focused slide designs or proper athletic footwear.

Which Type of Sliders are Most Comfortable?

The most comfortable slides utilize performance materials like springy EVA foam and malleable cork to mimic the foot’s shape. Brands like Oofos and FitFlop build their slides almost like athletic shoes, integrating advanced comfort technologies into slip-on sandals.

Some key features that set comfy slide styles apart include:

  • Contoured footbeds reinforced with arch support
  • Plush, shock-absorbing midsole foams
  • Textured outsoles for added traction
  • Moisture-wicking straps/linings to prevent chafing
  • Custom molding based on weight and foot shape over time

By mimicking anatomical design and athletic shoe components, today’s best slides deliver blissful comfort whether lounging poolside or walking about town.

What are the Squishy Slides Called?

The pillowy soft slides commonly known as “cloud slides” dominate social feeds and impulse buys these days. Brands like Bronax on Amazon make popular budget-friendly iterations but other labels are entering squishy slide territory too.

Higher end designers like Alexander Wang, Telfar and Balenciaga now sell foam-based slides costing over $200. However you can enjoy the cloud slide experience for less than $50. Just expect cheaper materials that likely won’t last beyond a season or two with regular wear.

What’s Better for Feet, Flip Flops or Slides?

Between flimsy flip flops and cushy slides, slides generally edge out as better for overall foot health and mobility. With proper structural support built in, slides stabilize the foot better than flat flip flops during wear.

Arch support proves especially vital for promoting natural alignment and reducing injury risk. Slides also position the forefoot higher off the ground, limiting scuffs and stumbles which flip flops can cause.

However, slides aren’t automatically the best option for everyone. Those with existing foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tightness require tailored recommendations based on symptoms. Discussing footwear choices with your podiatrist or orthotist ensures you select sandals ideally suited for your needs.

How Do You Walk In Sliders?

Walking properly while wearing slides requires an awareness just like adjusting to any new footwear. Focus on taking shorter, more controlled steps rather than over-striding. Maintain your natural walking pace instead of shuffling hesitantly.

Distribute body weight towards the heels when stepping then roll forward smoothly through to toe-off instead of stomping flat-footed. Adjustable straps can help dial in the perfect fit; the straps should hover snugly without major slipping or irritation that could throw off your gait.

On thinner, flimsier slides, widen your stance a bit and engage core muscles to stay balanced. And when traversing slippery or uneven surfaces, adopt a penguin-like shuffle by keeping feet closer together for stability.

It may feel awkward during your first wear but walking in slides becomes second nature pretty quickly. Just focus on an easy, natural stride and let the properly contoured footbed guide foot motion. And don’t push unsuitable slides past their limits – even cushioned designs still lack the structure of closed walking shoes.

Tested and Reviewed: The Best Slides for Men

Adidas Adilette

Tested extensively by our athletic reviewers, the Adidas Adilette ($55-$65) deserves its iconic status for sporty comfort. This popular slide utilizes Adidas’ bouncy Cloudfoam cushioning and an anatomical footbed shape tailored for dynamic motion.

Traction pads under the toe and heel ensure stride security while the wide customizable strap secures adjusts easily. On busy days shuttling from work to gym and friends’ BBQs, the Adilette keeps up with reliable comfort.

Hoka Ora Recovery

Serious about rest and relaxation? Slip into the Hoka Ora Recovery slide ($60). Hoka packs this slide with plush cushioning including a layered midsole and memory foam footbed. New for 2024, zonal rubber reinforcement adds durability without losing squish.

Our wear testers found the Ora Recovery slide ideal for post-workout recovery or kicking back after long workdays. The rockered profile encourages natural foot motion while ample airflow prevents moisture buildup. If you want your slides to prioritize pampered comfort, this pillowy Hoka creation delivers.

The North Face Base Camp Slide

Looking to gear up for summer adventures without breaking the bank? The North Face Base Camp slide ($19-$39) packs trail-ready features like a rugged lugged outsole and quick-drying liner without skimping on cushioning.

Our testers found these outdoor-optimized slides offered impressive comfort and grip given the affordable price tag. Durable materials withstand active wear while the signature TNF aesthetic transitions effortlessly from camping to backyard hangs. Pick up The North Face’s Base Camp slide for a warm weather essential ready to follow your lead.

New Balance DynaSoft Slide

If you’re hunting for an athletic slide focused purely on bouncing comfort, look into the New Balance Dynasoft Slide ($23.99). This sporty style prioritizes plush cushioning in its stabilized EVA foam footbed and supportive upper strap.

Our testers reported exceptional shock absorption and energy return during wear, with reliable traction even hustling through airport terminals. For crisp modern style and a glove-like fit catering to medium and wider feet, we recommend adding New Balance’s Dynasoft slide to your lineup.

OOFOS OOahh Slide

Ready to pamper your hardworking feet with serious softness? OOFOS built its brand on advanced comfort technologies and the OOahh Slide sandal ($49.95-$64.95) showcases them all. Proprietary OOfoam cradles the foot with cushioning relief while a layered design enhances rebound and eases impact.

Testers found the contoured shape equally accommodating for narrow and wide feet. And after long days on the move, our team agreed the OOahh slide felt like slipping feet into clouds. If you believe in spoiling feet with comfort, the OOFOS OOahh awaits.

Reef Fanning Slide

Chasing amphibious adventures in and out of the water this summer? Reef equips the versatile Fanning slide ($34.95-$65) to handle swimming, sandy terrain and slick pool decks with performance capabilities competitors can’t match.

A water-ready compression molded construction stands up to wave action while 360-degree heel airbags soften landings. Our aquatic testers reported the molded arch and deep heel cup kept their feet supported along every beach walk and seaside hike. For reliable comfort wherever the tide may take you, turn to Reef’s Fanning.

Nobull High Performance Slide

Expecting sweaty battles with PBs at the gym this summer? Meet your match with the Nobull High Performance Slide ($69). Engineered like a tenacious training shoe, this slide sports anatomical shaping, breathable perforations and SuperFabric guard plates shielding high wear areas.

Our testers found the lightweight performance construction disappeared onto feet while still controlling motion when lifting heavy or racing friends. The molded footbed and SuperGrip outsole also felt reassuringly secure transitioning between street, gym and trail. If you crave a slide able to hang through hardcore training demands, Nobull has you covered.

Crocs Clog Slide

Select Croc styles like the versatile Clog Slide ($44.99) continue to surprise wearers with their versatility spanning casual to slightly dressier settings. This clog-inspired slide sandal retains the brand’s signature foam cushioning while adding a sleeker, more streamlined silhouette.

An enclosed toe protected testers’ feet at crowded summer concerts without trapping heat like a fully closed clog would. The roomy fit accommodates swelling towards day’s end while exterior nubs ensure grip hustling across slick surfaces. For Crocs comfort bundled into transitional slide style, try out the Clog Slide.

Birkenstock EVA Arizona Slide

As arguably the OG orthopedic sandal maker, Birkenstock retains devoted fans thanks to models like the EVA Arizona slide ($44.95). This updated take on Birkenstock’s classic double buckled Arizona sandal replaces heavier leather with buoyant, shock-absorbing EVA foam.

Our testers found this proprietary blend of foam to be impressively comfortable straight out of the box, no tedious break-in required. The deep heel cup stabilizes each step while raised toe grips assist mechanics for synchronized walking or standing. For many, the Arizona slide remains the gold standard in supportive comfort.

Teva Universal Slide

The sport sandal authority at Teva makes choosing comfortable performance slides simple again with their streamlined Universal Slide ($34.95-$60). Built off the brand’s iconic Universal strap style, this single-strap slide keeps steps stable on adventures with Shoc Pad heel cushioning for comfort through rugged terrain.

Our testers found these lightweight slides optimal for summer days navigating from trails to waterfronts and summer BBQs thanks to quick-drying materials and molded Shoc Pad technology attenuating impacts. The easy adjusting strap also helps fine tune fit for all-day comfort tailored to your feet.

Oliver Cabell Canvas Slide

Minimalists searching for luxe comfort in a sleek slide silhouette should turn to Oliver Cabell’s Canvas style ($78). Although understated aesthetically, precise details shine: a softly contoured cork footbed, cushioned midsole and adjustable knit strap.

Our reviewers found the slim profile paired perfectly with summer’s finest pastels and neutrals without squeezing feet. While the barely-there strap left some testers hesitant initially, the expert construction delivered reliable traction and security step after step. For low-key luxury without pretension, slip into Oliver Cabell’s Canvas slide.

Vionic Kiwi Slide

If you need a slide balancing style and therapeutic comfort, consider the Vionic Kiwi Slide ($54.95). From the brand’s podiatrist-backed orthotic line, this strappy sandal makes comfort its top objective.

A contoured EVA footbed includes arch support while a textured outsole prevents slips even navigating slick pool sides and boat decks. For further security, an adjustable heel strap fastens things in place. Our testers appreciated the medically-minded support features allowing them to enjoy summer activities without strain or discomfort afterwards.

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