Looking for packing cubes for your next trip? πŸ” Check out our picks for compression packing cubes that will keep your luggage organized and compact

Push, zip, keep. As enthusiastic travelers, compression packing cubes have become a must have in our luggage. We’ve been. Testing compression packing cubes for nine years now on countless trips ranging from quick weekend getaways to extended adventures spanning multiple continents.

At glance regular packing cubes and compression packing cubes may not seem all that different. However compression packing cubes come with a compression zipper that allows you to compress your clothes and gear further making it easier to save valuable space in your suitcase, backpack or carry on. It’s unbelievable how you after trying you managed to travel without them.

If you’re considering upgrading your travel gear for 2024 make sure to prioritize getting yourself a set of compression packing cubes. To help you make the choice for your trip we’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed a specter of the leading options available on the market.

Best Overall – Eagle Creek Isolate Compressor Set

Eagle Creek has been producing sets of packing cubes for 9 years and they continue to impress with their high quality and practicality. Among their offerings the Eagle Creek Isolate Compressor Set stands out as a choice striking the balance between durability, lightweight portability and efficient compression. This set provides a combination of construction, easy transportation and maximum luggage space utilization. After a decade of real world testing during trips Eagle Creeks products remain among the best options for keeping your belongings organized, protected and ready, for any adventure you embark on.

This set includes three cubes in sizes:

 Extra Small: 1.7 liters

 Small: 7 liters

Β Medium: 14.5 liters

Crafted from ultra lightweight ripstop nylon that has a silky texture these cubes may appear delicate but are actually remarkably sturdy and have proven their resilience over years of frequent use.

The Isolate fabric used in these cubes is not water resistant to safeguard your clothes against spills or rain. Also boasts antimicrobial properties to combat odors. Despite the nature of the material the zippers operate smoothly. Emit a gratifying click when closed.

While the Isolate cubes lack mesh panels their translucent fabric allows you to easily see what’s stored inside each cube.

For information on each set of packing cubes mentioned above and why I’ve chosen them as the best, in their respective categories please continue reading.

The compression cubes in this set utilize Eagle Creek’s TriFold technology, which includes an additional zipper that allows for compacting items to half their original size. This compression feature makes these cubes highly suitable for maximizing luggage space by squeezing in clothes.

Having tested packing cubes over a decade I constantly find myself returning to Eagle Creeks offerings due to their exceptional durability, lightweight design and user friendly nature. The Isolate Compressor Set is reasonably priced at around $45. Comes with the added benefit of Eagle Creeks excellent warranty coverage.


Made from durable ripstop nylon material

Water antimicrobial properties

Smooth gliding zippers for hassle free use

Incorporates Tri Fold compression technology

Trusted brand with a reliable warranty


Lacks a mesh panel for ventilation purposes

May require some practice to master the compression technique initially

Best Value β€” Shacke Pak 5 Set Packing Cubes

If you’re seeking a set of packing cubes without compromising on quality the Shacke Pak 5 Set Packing Cubes is your choice. For less than $25 you’ll receive four sized cubes along with a convenient laundry bag.

Despite its budget price tag these cubes do not feel cheap or flimsy in any way. They strike a balance, between affordability and durability.The set includes sizes of cubes and a laundry bag. The cube measures 16″ x 11.8″ x 3.5″ the medium cube is 13.7″ x 9.8″ x 3.1″ the cube measures 11″ x 8.2″ x 2.75″ and the slim cube is sized, at 5.5″ x 10.6″ x.6″. The laundry bag measures at dimensions of 13.7″ x19.6″.

These cubes are designed to be practical and functional featuring mesh panels that allow for identification of contents without having to open them up as well as durable zippers that smoothly glide around the edges.

While these cubes do not have compression technology the laundry bag can be cinched tight to compress clothes and the slim cube works well for compressing items like socks, underwear and pajamas.

With a price tag of than $25 the Shacke Pack cubes offer value for money along with their quality and convenience factors that have been proven over two years of frequent use. If you’re in search of a starter set it’s hard to pass up this one.


Great value for money

Includes four sizes plus a bag

Durable construction, with smooth zippers

Mesh panels allow for easy viewing


No compression feature

Cubes cannot stand upright when empty

Most Durable β€” Osprey Ultralight Packing Cubes

For travelers who prioritize durability without compromising on weight Ospreys Ultralight packing cubes are a choice.

Even though these cubes are incredibly lightweight they are surprisingly sturdy.

Crafted from 40D nylon ripstop fabric, with reinforced stitching the Osprey Ultralight cubes feel like waterproof plastic bags. The material efficiently repels moisture and withstands tears and abrasions.

The set consists of three cubes:

Small: 7″ x 10″ x 2.5”

Medium: 10″ x 14″ x 3”

Large: 14”x 10″ x 3”

Despite their weight of 0.35 oz/yd2 the cubes retain their shape well even when fully packed. The zippers smoothly glide open. Shut and feature T pulls for easy access. Unlike packing cubes the Osprey cubes have zippers on two sides without any mesh panels. However the durable ripstop fabric provides visibility.

The design is simple. Streamlined, reducing weight without compromising durability. When empty the entire set of three cubes packs down smaller than a packing cube.

Although they may be pricier compared to nylon cubes, the Osprey Ultralight packing cubes offer durability considering their weight. For those who prioritize travel or minimalism this set is hard to beat.


They are made of featherlight ripstop nylon, which makes them surprisingly durable.

The cubes have weather resistance to protect your belongings.

They feature a logo for visibility especially in low light conditions.

When not in use they can be packed down small saving space in your luggage.


However there are a drawbacks to consider.

The cubes are quite expensive compared to options on the market.

They do not have a mesh or full clamshell opening, which may limit access to your items.

There is no compression feature with these packing cubes.

Best for Organization β€” Peak Design Tech Pouch Packing Cubes

For travelers who like to stay organized and carry gadgets the Peak Design Tech Pouch Packing Cubes offer options.

These innovative packing cubes open in a clamshell style manner providing access to your belongings. Additionally they come with origami folding panels and removable dividers that allow you to customize the layout according to your needs.

The Tech Pouch is available in two sizes; Small (10L) and Medium (20L). Despite their features these cubes remain lightweight. Won’t add much extra weight to your luggage. 

The exterior of the cubes is made from 400D nylon that offers resistance against abrasions and liquid spills. It feels flexible and glides smoothly when handled.

Inside the cubes you’ll find loop lined panels that securely hold gadgets and accessories in place. If desired you can remove the dividers completely for one space. This versatility allows you to switch between organizing tech accessories, toiletries, clothes, shoes and based on your needs.

As expected from Peak Designs quality craftsmanship standardsAlthough the Peak Design Tech Pouches may be costly they provide a level of versatility that goes beyond clothing compression. For travelers who carry gadgets and accessories the innovative modular storage system is a game changer.


The origami style panels allow for organization.

The dividers and shape can be customized according to preferences.

The exterior is durable and weatherproof.

Premium details, such as security zippers are included to transport gadgets and accessories.


It should be noted that these pouches are quite expensive.

They may not compress clothes as compactly as some cubes on the market.

Most Stylish Option β€” July Carry On Packing Cubes

July Carry On packing cubes stand out from the crowd with their style and bold colors. This set of four cubes comes in shades that add personality to any suitcase.

The Carry On Set includes:

 Large cube; 16.9″ x 11.8″ x 3.9”

 Medium cube; 11.8″ x 8.3″ x 3.1”

 Small cube; 8.7″ x 6.3″ x 2.4”

 Slim cube; 11″ x 5.1″ x.8”

Despite focusing on aesthetics, July has not compromised on quality with these cubes. They feature canvas fabric exteriors complemented by color coordinated mesh panels. The gliding zippers are nicely accented by rich leather pulls. After use both the vibrant canvas and mesh show no signs of wear.

While providing a look Julys packing cubes also offer functionality for travelers seeking organized storage solutions for their belongings.

The cubes are designed to open making it easy to access and pack items. With the mesh feature you can identify the contents without having to open each cubeΒ 

The slim cube is perfect for organizing toiletries, gadgets and more. You’ll be surprised by the storage options provided by the four cube sizes. When packed tightly the July cubes maintain their colors and structured shape.

If you’re a traveler who values both style and functionality in your luggage look no further than Julys cubes. These cubes offer a combination of fun and order that will make your luggage as appealing as your destination.. The best part? They rival luxury brands in terms of quality. Come at a fraction of the price.


The canvas exterior comes in colors.

The materials used are of quality and durable.

The zippers operate smoothly. Have leather pulls.

Internal organization features are useful.

Mesh panels provide visibility into the contents.


There is no compression feature 

Handwashing is required for cleaning.

Best Single Cube β€” Cotopaxi 10L Travel Cube

For those looking for a cube option the Cotopaxi 10L Travel Cube is an excellent choice. This rugged cube offers capacity while promoting sustainability with its use of fabric remnants. Each 10L cube has color patterns due to this approach. They all showcase Cotopaxi’s signature vibrant style.

Despite being made from materials there is no compromise on quality, with these cubes. The nylon withstands frequent use, while the tight mesh resists snags effectively.YKK zippers smoothly glide around corners strengthened by reinforced bartack stitching.

When you open it up you’ll find a clamshell opening that allows for access similar to the July cubes. The dual mesh panels make it quick and effortless to identify the contents. While the compression straps help secure items they don’t offer the level of compression as high end compression cubes.

With a 10 liter capacity the Cotopaxi cube provides space for days worth of gear. It maintains its shape well even when tightly packed. Additionally the generous handles make these cubes convenient to transport and hang while still being flexible enough to be stored when not in use.

By purchasing Cotopaxi gear you’re not getting a colorful style made from repurposed materials but also supporting their efforts in creating sustainable products that combat poverty and climate change. So not will you look good with this one of a kind 10L Travel Cube. You can also feel good about it too.


Colorful style made from materials

High quality construction that ensures durability

Spacious 10 liter capacity

Excellent visibility and easy access

Supports ethical manufacturing practices


Only available in one size

Limited compression capability

Compression Packing Cubes Buying Guide

With numerous brands offering different types of compression packing cubes choosing the right set can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:


Opt for packing cubes particularly if you’re using checked luggage. Remember that heavier cubes may result in airline fees.a few ounces per cube can quickly add up.


Make sure the packing cubes are resistant to tears and can withstand packing and unpacking. Fabrics like ripstop nylon are the choice for lasting durability.


The best compression packing cubes can shrink down to about half their size when unpacked. Lower quality cubes only offer compression. If possible try testing out models in person.


Look for packing cubes with full clamshell openings as they make packing and unpacking a breeze. Mesh panels also come in handy as they allow you to see what’s inside without having to take everything out of the cubes.

Water Resistance

Accidents happen so it’s important to choose water cubes that will protect your belongings. However be cautious about selecting ones that’re completely airtight as this can lead to odors and mildew.


Some sets of packing cubes come with sizes for organization. Additionally individual pouches or dividers can help keep items separated. Remember that compression is useless if you can’t easily find what you need.


You can find compression cubes starting at around $15. Higher end options, with materials increased compression capabilities and extra features may cost upwards of $50 or more. Determine your budget. Opt for brands known for quality products.

If possible try out packing cube options in person to assess their construction quality and compression capabilities firsthand. If this isn’t feasible, prioritize established travel gear companies that have customer service and warranties.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Compression Packing Cubes

How much do compression packing cubes actually compress?

The top notch compression cubes can reduce volume by around 50-60%. However the lower quality ones may only offer compression.

Which packing cube set is best for organization?

Companies like Peak Design and Eagle Creek offer options for organizing your belongings. Consider your needs when selecting a set.

What are the best packing cubes for backpacks?

Ultralight packing cubes from brands like Sea to Summit and Eagle Creek Isolate are designed to minimize pack weight. Alternatively you can opt for a cube such as the Cotopaxi.

Can you use packing cubes in carry-on luggage?

Absolutely! Compression packing cubes are incredibly useful in maximizing storage space in bags. Just be careful not to overstuff them.

How should you clean packing cubes?

Most pure nylon or polyester cubes can be machine washed using a setting and air dried afterward. However other materials may require hand washing.

The finest compression packing cubes assist travelers in optimizing their luggage space and enhancing their adventures. Regardless of your travel style there’s a set there to meet your needs. Remember to prioritize quality over quantity so that they last trip, after trip! Wishing you travels!

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