One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“

Learn all about one bag travel with Reddit Onebag community and Carryology πŸŽ’πŸ§ͺ Discover the best carry-on bag and travel gear picks

“Less is more” when it comes to the glorious freedom of one bag travel. This refers to the elegant concept of taking just a single carry-on backpack stuffed with all your travel essentials. One bag travel bestows a phenomenal sense of flexibility and maneuverability that is nearly impossible when hauling multiple pieces of luggage.

One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“

What Is One Bag Travel?

One bag travel, also called “onebagging”, involves fitting everything you need for your entire trip into a single carry-on backpack. This bag would accompany you everywhere – on planes, trains, boats and automobiles! – eliminating checked baggage and the hassles that entails.

Minimalist packing is an art that enables this simplified style of travel. You carefully cherry pick just the gear and clothing that is absolutely essential, resisting the temptation to overpack “just in case” items. With organizational tools like packing cubes, an astonishing amount can fit into a 25-40 liter backpack.

What Are the Benefits of One Bag Travel?

Freedom – Without struggling with enormous suitcases, you can effortlessly navigate crowded airports, winding alleys and public transport. Spontaneous detours hold little concern when you have everything on your back!

Flexibility – One baggers can alter travel plans on a whim, unrestrained by pre-booked transport and lodging for bulky baggage. You may discover your favorite destination was completely unplanned!

Affordability – Checking bags piles on hidden charges. Transporting just a single carry-on vastly reduces airline fees.

Comfort – Lugging massive roller bags over cobblestone streets is back-breaking. Well-designed backpacks transfer weight onto your hips to relieve strain.

Organization – Backpacks with elegant organizational systems let you effortlessly find items without ransacking your bag.

Security – Your valuables are always with you rather than entrusted to airlines and hotels. Theft is far less likely.

One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“

What Are the Downsides of One Bag Travel?

Laundry – Carrying less clothing necessitates washing garments mid-trip. Hand-washing or laundry services become essential.

Repeat Outfits – The ultralight packing list requires rotating through similar daily clothing items. Vanity often suffers slightly!

Gear Limitations – Photography enthusiasts, sporty travelers and shopaholics may struggle to fit specialty items in one bag. Some compromise is inevitable.

Upfront Investment – Obtaining the ideal backpack and organizational tools requires some initial expenditure. However, this should pay off long-term when factoring benefits.

Weather Variability – Visiting drastically different climates can challenge minimalist, weather-appropriate packing. Additional climate specific items may prove necessary despite best efforts.

One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“

What Backpack is Best For One Bag Travel?

When selecting the perfect one bag travel backpack, consider these vital factors:


Aim for 25-45 liters. Anything smaller severely limits gear options, while larger bags exceed airline carry on allowances.


Prioritize thick padded shoulder straps and a hip belt to transfer weight off your shoulders. Well-designed suspension systems drastically enhance comfort, especially once loaded up.

Accessibility search

Bags with full clamshell openings provide far simpler access than top-loading packs. Avoid struggling with a bottomless pit!


Choose tough, abrasion resistant fabrics like ripstop nylon or ballistic nylon that will withstand years of travel. YKK zippers add further resilience.


Seek a lightweight yet sturdy pack built from quality materials specialized for travel rather than hiking. Carrying unnecessary weight defeats the purpose!


Features like hideaway straps and configurable storage offer welcome flexibility to adapt the bag for various contexts and trips.

One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“

Trusted gear-reviewing travelers and communities like Chase Reeves, Pack Hacker and Reddit’s /r/onebag provide exceptional insights on latest releases. Osprey, Peak Design, Tortuga, Cotopaxi and Topo Designs rank among top brands.

How To Pack For One Bag Travel?

Mastering the intricate art of minimalist packing is instrumental for optimizing space. Follow these tips:

Carefully audit gear selection – Every item must earn its place. Analyze if you genuinely require particular products.

Leverage packing cubes/folders to neatly compartmentalize items based on category like clothing, toiletries and electronics.

Stick to versatile, lightweight clothing that layers well. Prioritize quick-drying synthetics over bulky cotton.

Select multipurpose footwear catering to both cities and trails. Shave weight with lightweight aftermarket insoles.

Fill gaps with compressible items like socks and underwear to fully utilize all space.

Strategically place frequently accessed items at the top/exterior for easy accessibility.

Use organizer pouches to tuck smaller accessories into crevices between larger items.

One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“

What Can You Fit In A One Bag?

When packing, choose items optimized for compressibility and multi-functionality. You’ll want:


5-10 t-shirts

2-4 pairs of pants/shorts

1-2 pairs of exercise/swimwear

6-10 pairs socks

5-10 pairs underwear

1-3 jackets/sweaters

1-3 hats/scarves

One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“


All-in one soap, shampoo & toothpaste


Nail clipper



One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“


Phone, charger & battery pack Adapters Noise-cancelling headphones Tablet (optional) Ereader/book (optional) Laptop (optional)

One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“

Travel Documents

Passport & documents Pens Journal/notebook Microfiber cloth

One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“

Other Essentials


Laundry supplies – sink clips, detergent, scrubba wash bag

Microfiber towel


Ziploc/plastic bags

Lip balm

Hand sanitizer

Wet wipes

With diligent space utilization methods, 25-45 liter one carry-on bags easily transport all these necessities. Leaving behind unused items lightens your load without sacrificing comfort!

One Bag Travel with Reddit Onebag Carryology 101 πŸ€“

Top Tips For Stress-Free One Bag Travel

Streamlining your packing approach with these handy hacks smoothens the one bag travel learning curve:

  1. Scrutinize gear selections ruthlessly – leave non-essentials!
  2. Designate clothing categories to individual packing cubes.
  3. Hand-wash laundry using special sink bags and quick dry items.
  4. Research locations offering luggage storage and laundry facilities.
  5. Obtain travel rewards cards offsetting checked baggage and lodging.
  6. Use packing cubes, pouches and compression techniques expertly.
  7. Place commonly accessed stuff atop packing cubes for grab β€˜n’ go ease.
  8. Seek versatile items pulling double duty – merino t-shirts, travel jeans, etc.
  9. Secure backpack straps during check-in if required utilizing hideaway systems.
  10. Embrace the liberating revelation of owning less through the journey of one bag travel!

Is One Bag Travel Right For You?

Ask yourself these questions sincerely before pursuing this style of travel:

  1. Does your regular everyday lifestyle tend towards minimalism?
  2. Are you more motivated by experiences than possessions?
  3. Do you perceive value in multipurpose belongings?
  4. Can you comfortably use an item repeatedly without feeling icky?
  5. Are you willing to hand-wash clothes in bathroom sinks?
  6. Can you gracefully handle occasionally looking unkempt?
  7. Do you agree less luggage enables richer destinations immersion?

If you answered yes, then you will thrive with one bag travel! Starting may necessitate pushing comfort zones slightly. However, once accustomed to the elegant efficiency of minimalist living, restrictive luggage excess feels unbearable. Join a community who has discovered the pleasures of traveling light!

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