Norse Atlantic Airways Flight Check-In 📱Is Online Check Available?

Know how pass Norse Atlantic Airways flight check-in options 🤓

Checking In For Your Norse Atlantic Airways Flight

Flying with the new low-cost transatlantic airline Norse Atlantic Airways? Be prepared for a different check-in experience than with full-service carriers. Norse Atlantic Airways launched in 2022 and operates point-to-point flights between major airports in the U.S. and Europe using Boeing 787 aircraft. The airline aims to offer cheap base fares, but charges extra fees for amenities typically included on other airlines.

When flying Norse Airways, checking in requires following some specific procedures to avoid extra fees and ensure a smooth airport experience. Here’s what to know about Norse Atlantic Airways check-in:

Norse Atlantic Airways Flight Check-In 📱Is Online Check Available?

No Online Check-In Available

Unlike most airlines today, Norse Atlantic Airways does not offer online check-in. Passengers cannot obtain boarding passes or check bags through the airline’s website or mobile app prior to arriving at the airport. This means you must check-in directly at Norse Atlantic Airways airport counters.

The airline recommends arriving early, as all passengers must check-in at the ticket counters. Lines may be long since online check-in is not an option to bypass counter lines.

Norse Atlantic Airways Flight Check-In 📱Is Online Check Available?

Locating Norse Atlantic Airways Check-In Counters

Passengers need to check-in at dedicated Norse Atlantic Airways counters located in the terminal. At New York’s JFK airport, Norse Atlantic Airways check-in is located in Terminal 1. The airline flies out of Terminal 2 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Look for signage in the terminal directing you to the Norse Atlantic Airways check-in desks. If you have trouble finding the counters, ask an airport staff member for assistance locating the Norse Atlantic Airways check-in area.

Norse Atlantic Airways Flight Check-In 📱Is Online Check Available?

Checking In Without Online Check-In

With no ability to check-in online, all passengers must visit a Norse Atlantic Airways check-in counter at the airport to obtain boarding passes. At the check-in counter, airline staff will verify your identification, confirm your booking, print boarding passes, and tag checked baggage if purchased.

You may encounter lines at check-in, especially right before departure times. Arrive at the airport early, at least 2-3 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time. This provides ample time to locate the check-in counters, wait in line if needed, and get through security.

Norse Atlantic Airways Flight Check-In 📱Is Online Check Available?

Airport Check-In Fees

While checking in at the airport counter is required due to lack of online check-in, Norse Atlantic Airways charges a $10 fee for standard airport check-in. You can avoid this fee by checking in early when counters first open.

There is also a $20 fee option for priority check-in access to skip lines, but availability may be limited.

Baggage Policies and Fees

At check-in, Norse Atlantic Airways will enforce its baggage allowance policy. All passengers can bring one small underseat personal item measuring 45 x 36 x 22cm for free. Carry-on bags and checked luggage can be purchased in advance or at check-in for an additional fee.

  • Carry-on bag fee: $25 when pre-purchased online or $35 at check-in
  • Checked bag fee: $60-$190 depending on weight and when purchased

Bags exceeding the size limits may be checked for a fee or denied at the gate for safety reasons. Be aware of Norse Atlantic’s baggage fees to avoid surprises.

Norse Atlantic Airways Flight Check-In 📱Is Online Check Available?

Boarding Passes and Seat Assignments

Without online check-in, you can’t access digital boarding passes in advance. Airline staff will print your boarding passes at check-in. Seat assignments are randomly assigned unless you pay an extra fee for advance seat selection.

Review your boarding pass carefully to verify details like your name, flight number, departure time, and gate number. Make sure you receive passes for all flights if connecting.

Checking In for Return Flights

On your return Norse Atlantic Airways flight, you will need to repeat the airport check-in process at counters. Online check-in is unavailable in both directions. Get to the terminal with plenty of time to locate the Norse Atlantic Airways check-in area and check-in.

Pro Tip: Snap a photo of your boarding pass for the return flight to simplify finding the correct check-in counter on your way home!

Norse Atlantic Airways Flight Check-In 📱Is Online Check Available?

Frequently Asked Questions About Norse Atlantic Airways Check-In

Here are answers to some common questions about checking in on Norse Atlantic Airways flights:

Does Norse allow online check-in?

No, Norse Atlantic Airways does not offer online check-in options. Passengers must check-in in person at airport counters.

Where do you check-in at LAX Norse?

Norse Atlantic Airways check-in is located in Terminal 2 at Los Angeles International Airport.

Where do I check-in for Norse airlines at JFK?

At New York’s JFK airport, check-in for Norse Atlantic Airways is in Terminal 1.

Does Norse airlines participate in TSA PreCheck?

Yes, Norse Atlantic Airways does participate in TSA PreCheck. Provide your Known Traveler Number when booking or checking in to potentially be eligible for TSA PreCheck lanes where available.

Why can’t I check-in online?

Norse Atlantic Airways does not currently offer online check-in functionality on its website or app. Checking in at the airport is required.

Does norse check carry on weight?

Norse Atlantic Airways does have size and weight limits for carry-on bags. Be prepared to check oversized or overweight carry-on luggage for a fee.

The Bottom Line on Norse Atlantic Airways Check-In

The lack of online check-in sets Norse Atlantic Airways apart from many airlines today. Give yourself ample time for airport arrival, locating the check-in counters, potential lines, and baggage processes. Knowing what to expect for check-in procedures can help ensure a smooth start to your Norse Atlantic Airways travel experience.

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