Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Discover the world’s most dangerous hiking trail 😵‍💫 Welcome to the Mount Huashan of Shaanxi Province 🏔

Nestled in the Qin Mountains in Shaanxi Province, Mount Huashan (or Hua) is one of China’s five Great Mountains and has attracted daring hikers for centuries. At 2,154 meters high, its granite peaks present unparalleled views, historic sites, and heart-pounding thrills along its hiking trails.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

With its reputation as the “most dangerous hike in the world,” Mount Huashan tempts adrenaline junkies from across the globe. The highlight is undoubtedly its infamous Huashan Plank Walk (known as the “Changkong Plank Trail”), which features a narrow wooden pathway bolted to a sheer vertical cliff face, with stunning 2,000 foot drops on either side and only a chain to grasp onto.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

As one of the holiest Taoist mountains, countless temples also adorn Mount Huashan’s five major peaks – adding cultural intrigue to its perilous hikes.

Getting to Mount Huashan

Mount Huashan is located 120 km east of Xi’an in Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province. Its main access point lies in Huayin at the mountain’s western foot.

Several transport options can take you from Xi’an to the foot of the mountain in around 2 hours:

  • High Speed Train: Catch a 30-40 minute high-speed train from Xi’an North Railway Station to Huashan North Railway Station. From there, take a free shuttle minibus to the mountain entrance.
  • Bus: Frequent coaches make the 2-hour trip from Xi’an Bus Station directly to the western side of Mount Huashan.
  • Drive: Hiring a car or driver allows you to make the 120 km journey from Xi’an in around 1.5-2 hours.

Accommodation wise, staying in Huayin city or at hotels at the base of the mountain provides you with more amenities than the sparse lodging available on Mount Huashan itself.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

The Five Peaks of Huashan

The Mount Huashan area contains five distinct granite peaks, each presenting unique scenery, temples, and thrilling pathways. Before embarking on its dizzying hikes, getting oriented with Huashan’s different summits helps plan your adventure:

North Peak

The North Peak (or Yuntai Peak) stands at 1,614 meters and offers the sole passageway to Mount Huashan’s southern peaks. Its knife-edge ridges, the legendary “Black Dragon Ridge” hiking route, and historic sites like the Heavenly Ladder and Jade Spring Temple captivate visitors.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

West Peak

At 2,082 meters, the breathtaking West Peak (or Lotus Flower Peak) treats hikers to Huashan’s most famous sunsets and panoramas at its lotus-shaped summit. The fun legend of Chen Xiang cutting a path through the mountains to rescue his mother also originated here.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

South Peak

Soaring to 2,160 meters, the South Peak represents the highest and mightiest of Mount Huashan’s five peaks. On sunny days, viewers can glimpse the Yellow and Wei Rivers glinting on the plains far below its awesome vistas.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

East Peak

Sunrises are the highlight on the 2,096 meter East Peak, as early risers watch the morning rays igniting mountain ridges and valleys in red and gold. Lush forests along its hiking route provide shade on hot summer days.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Middle Peak

At 2,038 meters, Middle Peak hosts the celestial Jade Maiden Temple. Dedicated to Nong Yu, a daughter of the ancient Qin kingdom, it offers intriguing Taoist culture and wonderful outlooks over neighboring peaks.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Hiking Highlights on Mount Huashan

With its wealth of historic sites, jaw-dropping vistas at every turn, and famous death-defying hikes, Mount Huashan presents endless highlights. Don’t miss these top attractions on your adventure:

Huashan Plank Walk

Undoubtedly Huashan’s most notorious hiking route, this infamous plank walk traverses a narrow wooden walkway with over 2,000 foot sheer drops on both sides, bolted right onto the vertical cliff face. Attached by only wooden pins and reached by a steep ladder on the South Peak, the simple pathway terrifies unsuspecting hikers. For $5, the mountain staff provide flimsy harnesses for traversing the plank walk, although the hardware looks aged. Gripping the lone metal chain, hikers inch sideways along the planks with their backs pressed against the rock wall. Peer down between the wooden boards for a real adrenaline surge!

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Black Dragon Ridge

This legendary knife-edge ridge resembles a soaring black dragon to Chinese eyes. Linking the North and West Peaks, its dizzying climb ascends over 500 perilous rock steps at a 45-degree gradient. Hikers clutch chains drilled into the rock to keep from tumbling off the foot-wide path into jagged ravines hundreds of meters below. Expect breathtaking vistas but have your wits about you!

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Thousand Foot Corridor

Carved into Huashan’s steepest precipice, this aptly named pathway offers mere toeholds to place your feet. Nervous hikers grip the iron chains embedded in the rock to avoid deadly plunges off the thousand-foot high cliff face. Reaching the North Peak first before continuing south, the Thousand Foot Corridor represents the initial knee-shaking challenge of your journey.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Chess Pavilion Hike

accessed via a slippery downhill rock climb on the East Peak, this isolated rocky tower rewards daredevils with a stone pavilion perfectly positioned for panoramic vistas, located essentially in the middle of nowhere. Take great care en route, using the bolted metal bars as support. Peer into the endless void surrounding this pinnacle to appreciate its thrilling precipice. The Chess Pavilion promises a wonderfully eerie adventure!

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

The Complex History of Mount Huashan

Beyond its modern fame for thrill-seeking, Mount Huashan enjoys a legacy spanning thousands of years as one of China’s holiest mountains. Learn about its fascinating history and role in Chinese culture:

Mount Huashan as Sacred Ground

The Emperors of five ancient Chinese dynasties – including the Han, Tang, and Ming – travelled vast distances to sacrifice at Mount Huashan. The Chinese words for “China” and “Chinese culture” themselves stem from Huashan’s sacred status – affirming its immense importance. Local Chinese see Huashan as the nation’s very root and origin.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Myths and Folk Legends of Huashan

Mount Huashan features prominently in ancient mythology. The Mountain God once descended here to earth and met the Goddess of Heaven. Local legend recounts the miraculous tale of Liu Chenxiang blasting an escape path through solid cliffs to liberate his chained-up mother. Countless more Huashan fables inspire the imagination of Chinese citizens.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Taoist Influence on Huashan’s Peaks

The Taoist Jade Emperor himself supposedly frequented Mount Huashan’s five peaks. For at least 2,000 years, Huashan has hosted Taoist monks and hermits seeking spiritual cultivation in its caves and peaks. Vestiges of their ancient presence – like the celestial-named Jade Maiden and Jade Spring Temples – persist to this day.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Hiking Routes on Mount Huashan

Conquering Mount Huashan’s five peaks and infamous plank trail offers a memorable two-day adventure. More relaxed one day routes are also possible by utilizing Huashan’s cable cars.

Two Day Huashan Hike

Get ready to hustle over 8-9 hours daily on this intense two day circuit of all Mount Huashan’s summits:

Day One – Hike the Thousand Foot Corridor and Black Dragon Ridge to the peaks, staying overnight atop the East or Middle Peak.

Day Two – Catch the sunrise and traverse remaining peaks before descending via the plank walk and West Peak Cableway.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

One Day Mount Huashan Hike

Thanks to Huashan’s cable cars, you can see the highlights in a single 6-7 hour trek. Take the West or North Peak cable car up before summiting peaks then return the same way. Or ride the cable car one way and hike up/down for the scenic route.

Visit between March and November for ideal weather. And prepare protective clothing – temperatures at Huashan’s top hover 10°C lower than at the base!

Mount Huashan attracts throngs of visitors – particularly in peak season. So start early after overnighting nearby to beat crowds on the trails for the best experience.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Tips for Visiting Mount Huashan

  1. What to Pack: Prepare hiking shoes, gloves, rain gear and layers. Bring snacks, water, and a headlamp if hiking at night.
  2. Temple Fair: Visit during the March 15th Chaoshan festival for cultural celebrations.
  3. Safety: Use caution on steep paths lacking ropes or chains. Wear harnesses at the Plank Walk and Chess Pavilion.
  4. Planning: Book hotels at the mountain’s base and go early to beat crowds. Consider taking the cable car one way to save time.
  5. Protect the Environment: Stay on marked trails, carry out trash, and avoid loud noises or picking plants to preserve Huashan’s natural beauty.
  6. Off the Beaten Path: For a more serene experience, try lesser-visited trails on the North and West Peaks early in the day before crowds arrive.
  7. Pay Attention: Focus intently when traversing narrow ledges and steep staircases. Don’t let amazing views distract you from watching your footing.
  8. Stay Overnight: Spend a night atop the mountain to catch spectacular sunrises and enjoy the atmosphere when fewer people are around. Just prepare for basic amenities.
  9. Capture Memories: The amazing sights like sea of clouds, mountain vistas, and temples set among cliffs make picture-perfect moments to savor.
  10. Savor Culture: Explore Taoist shrines and temples interwoven with legends like Nong Yu, Chen Xiang cutting a path to save his mother, and pilgrimages by ancient Emperors.

With reasonable precautions, you are sure to have an incredible and unforgettable adventure conquering the legendary Mount Huashan. Just brace yourself when stepping out onto that narrow plank bolted thousands of feet in the air!

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Hiking Highlights

Beyond its famous plank walk trail, Mount Huashan offers countless highlights along its hiking routes spanning five breathtaking granite peaks. Prepare for nerve-wracking thrills as you inch across cliffside pathways with mere toeholds carved thousands of feet above jagged ravines. Seek out isolated pavilions like the Chess Pavilion, accessible only by risky downhill climbs. Peer through cloud banks at heavenly temples improbably perched on narrow ledges. Watch the sunrise ignite distant mountain ridges in golden light from an ancient stone terrace. Or witness sunset’s purple glow from lotus-shaped summits that seem to float amongst seas of clouds. From cultural vestiges like the mystical Jade Spring Temple to the heart-pounding rush of chains drilled into vertical cliff walls, Mount Huashan promises nonstop adrenaline and awe.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Staying Overnight

Consider spending a night atop Mount Huashan to fully soak in its fantastical atmosphere once bustling day crowds depart. Basic lodging options exist on peaks like the East Peak and Middle Peak, some providing amenities like hot water and electric blankets to combat the 10°C chill of altitude. The chance to gaze at shimmering blankets of stars unobscured by light pollution alone makes overnighting worthwhile. And you’ll be perfectly positioned to witness the landscape’s transformation come sunrise, as the new light ignites ridges and temples in burning gold. Watching the mountain emerge from shadow into day without another soul around promises a profoundly magical event. Just take care when hiking on dimly-lit trails in the pre-dawn hours.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Off Season Adventures

While spring through fall offer the most pleasant weather for tackling Mount Huashan’s exposed heights, visiting during the off season from December to February provides perks like discounted tickets and smaller crowds. Just prepare for additional thrills – and hazards – that snow and ice deliver! Icy footings will have you clutching those chain handholds all the tighter. Frosted, fog-veiled forests become hauntingly beautiful. And memorbile photos abound with red temple pillars gleaming brightly amongst white snowy pedestals. Consider braving the cold during the Lunar New Year temple fair around March 15th as well. When seasonal celebrations enliven Huashan’s peaks with colorful pageantry for the one-day Chaoshan Festival. Revel with cheering crowds among strings of lanterns as lion dancers parade by cliffside shrines!

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Seeking Spirituality

Beyond being China’s adventure capital, Mount Huashan remains one of the country’s most sacred sites after thousands of years. Follow in the footsteps of generations of pilgrims, hermits, and emperors seeking transcendence along stone-hewn pathways to secluded cliffside shrines. Attend sunrise rituals where Taoist priests chant hypnotic sutras as the morning sun ignites ancient temples in blinding gold. Stop to meditate in hidden grottoes where long-ago ascetics reached enlightenment through simplicity and solitude. Gaze out over the sea of clouds and endless peaks from the Lotus Flower Summit, tracing the contours of the living earth where the Goddess of Heaven once trod. Or just embrace the profound serenity found only atop timeless granite heights floating through the heavens. However you experience it, Mount Huashan retains an eternal spiritual magnetism.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Preserving Huashan’s Heritage

The precarious trails and dizzying heights that draw so many visitors also jeopardize the environment and ancient structures clinging to Mount Huashan’s cliffs. Help preserve Huashan’s grandeur for future generations through conscientious actions. Carry out all trash, stick to marked trails, leave no graffiti or carvings defacing sacred sites. Support sustainable businesses practicing eco-friendly tourism. And consider donating to preservation efforts through groups like the China Mount Huashan Heritage Fund which restore aging temples and install protective railings allowing more people to safely experience the mountain’s splendor. Through good stewardship, we can maintain Huashan’s magnificence for the next 2,000 years and more!

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Seeking Solitude

While lion dancers energize Mount Huashan each spring, tranquil solitude lingers along its less-traveled routes should you desire a peaceful pilgrimage. Avoid crowded pathways around the North Peak cable car by ascending via remote trails up the forested western slopes. Traverse thinly-trodden footpaths as worn stone steps pass beneath ancient gnarled pines whispering softly in the mountain breezes. Stop to contemplate the living earth at the Place of Laojun Hanging the Plough, a narrow ledge where vines creep amongst stony shrines. Or rise at dawn to experience Huashan’s celestial Jade Maiden Peak empty save for lilting bird song echoing off empty overlooks. With countless remote vistas to claim for your own, inject serene nature into your Huashan adventure.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Photographing Landscapes

From its plummeting cliffsides to towering summit panoramas, Mount Huashan’s web of granite peaks and forests set photographer’s fingers clicking nonstop. Capture iconic views like sea of clouds pouring between peaks in a heavenly vision. Frame early morning alpenglow setting ancient Taoist temples aflame in crimson light. Shoot vertigo-inducing angles peering straight down Thousand Foot Corridor’s dizzying staircases. Contrast vibrant red gate pillars glowing brightly before fog-shrouded forests. Play with reflections of jagged peaks mirrored in golden sunrise ponds. And don’t miss selfie opportunities clinging to cliffside chains thousands of feet in the air! With picture-perfect moments everywhere, you’ll take home spectacular images capturing Huashan’s grandeur.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Mythic Tales

Beyond its cliffside thrills, Mount Huashan’s heights overflow with mythic tales, spiritual legends and fanciful folk stories waiting to be discovered. Learn of the sorceress Nong Yu whose abandoned hairpin formed Yuquan Temple’s namesake Jade Spring. Hear how the goddess Yao-Ji bid adepts leap from Lotus Flower Peak to prove their transcendent powers of flight. Meet devoted pilgrims like Chen Xiang who split Huashan’s stone walls in two to rescue his chained mother inside. Or ponder the Mountain God who once descended to earth here to meet the Goddess of Heaven high atop Huashan’s five flower-named peaks. Every shrine and terrace echoes rich stories – enrich your adventure by learning the mountain’s mythology!

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Experiencing Culture

Beyond adrenaline-pumping thrills, Mount Huashan offers countless opportunities to connect with thriving cultural traditions. Wake at dawn with Taoist monks to chant hypnotic prayers as golden alpenglow blankets aged temples. Savor vegetarian dishes mastered over generations in cliffside monasteries, like sautéed mountain greens or crispy golden bean curd. Try calligraphy painting the character 彩虹 – “rainbow” – using ink sticks hand-ground from nearby Vesuvian rocks. Masters demonstrate this ancient art form unchanged for two millennia, still practiced amid Huashan’s peaks today. Or learn Tai Chi movements honed over centuries expressly for balancing atop narrow precipices while cloudbanks swirl. Diving into authentic experiences beyond hiking lets you profoundly engage with the spiritual essence still permeating this holy mountain after thousands of years.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Experiencing Sunrise

Make your Mount Huashan adventure unforgettable by witnessing daybreak from an atmospheric summit perch. Arrange overnight accommodations then ascend by headlamp glow to an eastern overlook like the storied Chess Pavilion. Settle atop precipitous ledges dangling thousands of feet above the valley mists as inky night pales to predawn azure. Watch shadows retreat down granite faces, replaced by slowly encroaching amber light. Stand mesmerized by the sun’s first blinding sliver as it ignites distant ridges in fiery copper hues intensifying each minute. Gaze enthralled as growing sunlight set ancient Taoist shrines ablaze, their crimson pillars glowing supernatural against fresh mountain backdrops. With the sunrise’s crescendo culminating in purple skies blazing gold, a breathless Mount Huashan sunrise promises literally heaven on earth.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Trying Local Flavors

After exertions scaling Mount Huashan’s precipitous granite heights, refresh yourself by sampling aromatic teas perfected over centuries by local monks and hermits. Savor earthy high-mountain oolongs redolent with rich floral bouquets evoking Huashan’s untamed forests and peaks. Taste wispy jasmine pearls blooming delicately on the tongue, their sweet honeyed essence perfect while admiring sunset from heavenly lotus summits. Or invigorate senses with smoked lapsang souchong’s whisky richness as you traverse perilous Black Dragon’s Ridge knife-edge paths. With tea culture thriving for thousands of years across Mount Huashan’s cloud-wreathed temples and teahouses, let fragrant local brews revive and inspire.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Visiting the Temple Fair

Time your Mount Huashan adventure to coincide with the vibrant temple fair held each Lunar March. Especially on the climatic March 15th Chaoshan Festival, when celebrations crescendo a top Huashan’s peaks. Follow joyful crowds making the ancient pilgrimage up flower-strewn paths to incense-wreathed shrines. Pause to tie blessing ribbons while costumed monks chant hypnotic mantras. Marvel at daring pole climbers inching towards precarious prize banners unfurled from dizzying heights. Join in raucous games like Bamboo Forest Battle as laughing teams wage mock combat. Sample sweet festival treats like sesame balls or tofu puddings as traditional musicians perform on makeshift stages. And release glowing lanterns into the night, lighting up Huashan’s cliffs in celebration. With colorful culture colliding spectacularly with breathtaking backdrops, visiting during the temple fair adds extra magic!

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Hiring a Guide

While conquer Mount Huashan independently offers intrepid adventure, hiring an expert guide enriches insights into its cultural essence. Learn ancient legends from animated storytellers. Hear fascinating folktales surrounding each shrine and temple along the trail. Absorb poetic names behind Huashan’s every peak and overlook that resonate uniquely in Chinese but mystify literally. And discover hidden gems few foreigners access, like remote hermit caves perfect for meditation. With thousands of years of history and heritage embedded within weathered steps, a guide unravels deeper meanings that let you connect profoundly with this sacred place.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Packing Properly

When preparing to conquer Mount Hua dizzying highs, packing proper gear makes your trip safer and more enjoyable. The basic essentials like hiking shoes, rain jackets, and gloves still apply. But also pack backup batteries and memory cards to capture countless jaw-dropping moments along shear mountain trails and temple overhangs. Don’t forget muscle balm for aching calves after thousand-foot ascents – this is no casual day hike! Most importantly, carry snacks that travel well and several liters of water. Food and drink prices soar exponentially the higher your climb. With few chances to refuel along remote trails, you’ll save money and energy by self-provisioning for the long haul.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Recording Memories

Beyond stunning scenery, the isolated pavilions, hair-raising walkways, and rich history imbue Mount Huashan’s hikes with unique, unforgettable experiences. Capture these special moments in creative ways for lifelong memories. Snap grinning selfies dangling from the notorious plank walk trail chains as you cheat death. Journal thoughts next to ancient carvings engraved by long-ago hermits and sages embodying the mountain’s spiritual essence. Sketch black ink landscapes balancing dark cliffs against misty void backgrounds just as traditional Chinese painters portrayed dramatic Huashan vistas for millennia. Let photography, writing, or art help cement magical memories of achieving new heights, inner peace, or courage to face your fears along the mountain’s rocky routes.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

Staying Safe

While potentially dangerous, tackling Mount Huashan’s precipitous granite heights can be done safely with reasonable precautions. Check weather forecasts ahead of time and avoid storms or winter ice. Always wear provided harnesses when exposed on the notorious plank walk and chess pavilion trails. Carry flashlights if hiking predawn to summit sunrise viewpoints. Maintain three points of contact when climbing unprotected vertical staircases. Don’t lean recklessly over cliffs for photos. Pack ample food and water to maintain energy. And know your limits – if acrophobic, narrow ledges and thousand-foot shear drops will overchallenge rather than exhilarate! Staying vigilant allows thrill-seeking adventurers to safely push boundaries and courageously ascend into legendary status.

Most Dangerous Hiking Trail Ever 🏔 Mount Huashan Plank Walk

After the Adventure

Returning safely home again after tackling Mount Huashan’s sheer granite cliffs and death-defying trails leaves a profound sense of accomplishment few other adventures can rival. You’ve walked the same dizzying steps as emperors and hermits across the ages. Stared down vast depths that terrify yet mesmerize. Pushed boundaries to achieve more than you dreamed possible. Now channel that power into pursuing lifelong goals, embracing new challenges, and maximizing beauty surrounding you daily. Let the mountain’s towering presence over Huayin City remind that if you survived Huashan’s heights, you can now scale whatever figurative mountains yet await!

To Sum It Up

With its reputation as the “world’s most dangerous hike” on perilous cliffside trails like the notorious Plank Walk, Mount Huashan tempts adrenaline junkies as one of China’s adventure capitals. Yet beyond death-defying thrills, this sacred Taoist mountain centered around five breathtaking granite peaks retains an eternal magnetism for spiritual pilgrims. Prepare proper gear like hiking shoes, gloves and flashlights before departing on a day trip from Xian. Then traverse narrow staircases chained to sheer vertical cliffs, pass golden padlocks glittering at the Gate to the Sky, and reach the lotus-shaped Lotus Peak Summit to enjoy Huashan’s heavenly sunsets. From hiking highlights like inching down carabiner-secured ladders to secluded temples perched impossibly on narrow ledges, Mount Huashan’s grandeur and legend still entice explorers to new heights. Visitors can capture memories to last a lifetime on this journey to the heart of Chinese identity and culture. So make your way to where the very name “China” originated, follow in the footsteps of ancient emperors, hermits and deities, and etch your own epic tale into Huashan’s ageless stone!

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