Is the Holafly eSIM Card Worth It? 📞

Looking for a reliable eSIM card for your international trip? Read our Holafly review and compare its mobile data service with other options 📱

Having internet access while traveling internationally is incredibly convenient. It allows you to easily navigate cities, make reservations, stay connected with loved ones and share your adventures with the media. However dealing with the hassle of purchasing SIM cards in each country can be time consuming and frustrating.

That’s where eSIMs come in as a solution, for travelers in years. ESIMs eliminate the need for SIM cards as everything is handled digitally. With a scan of a QR code you can easily set up an eSIM before your trip or upon arrival at your destination.

One known provider in the realm of eSIMs is Holafly. In this review of Holaflys service we will closely examine its offerings to determine if it lives up to its reputation.

What exactly is Holafly?

Established in 2017 Holafly aims to offer connectivity for travelers through their advanced eSIM technology. Their eSIMs provide data plans (excluding calling/texting) across more than 160 countries worldwide.

What sets Holafly apart from providers is that many of their plans include high speed data. A rarity among eSIM providers. Additionally they are known for their customer support and user friendly account management via their website and mobile app.

How Do Holafly eSIMs Work?

To use a Holafly eSIM ensure that your smartphone is both eSIM compatible and unlocked. Fortunately newer model iPhones and Android devices possess this capability. Before making a purchase it’s advisable to consult Holaflys compatibility guide.

The setup procedure itself is swift and straightforward;

1. Begin by purchasing your desired data plan from the Holafly website. You have the freedom to select the country or region you’ll be traveling to as your preferred validity period and data amount.

2. Upon completing your purchase an email will be sent to you containing activation instructions along with a QR code.

3. Open the email on your phone. Proceed with scanning the QR code to install the eSIM. If scanning proves unsuccessful there is also an option to enter an activation code.

4. Follow the on screen prompts in order to finalize the setup of your eSIM as your mobile data connection.

Upon completion of these steps you’ll be all set! Your Holafly eSIM will be ready for use upon arrival in your destination country. The entire process should only take around 5 minutes.

Holafly eSIM Pricing and Plan Options

Holafly provides validity periods ranging from 5 days up to 90 days. Additionally for destinations you can opt for either data or choose from specific data amounts such as 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, etc.

The cost of Holaflys service varies depending on the country you’re in. You can expect to pay $3 -10 USD per day for unlimited data.

Holafly offers pricing options in regions. For example;

Europe (39 countries):

30 days of data for $99 USD

15 days of data for $59 USD

5 days of unlimited data for $29 USD

United States:

30 days of unlimited data for $99 USD

15 days with 10GB of data for $39 USD


15 days of unlimited data for $59 USD

5 days with 5GB of data for $19 USD

Keep in mind that they often have limited time sales and discounts so it’s a good idea to check their website before making a purchase. You may also be able to get a discount by using a code from a travel blogger, which could save you around 5-10%.

In comparison to eSIM providers like Airalo and Nomad, Holafly is competitively priced. Their unlimited data plans are particularly beneficial if you require amounts of data.

Holafly Review: The Good

Here are some advantages and benefits when using Holafly eSIMs, for travel;

Quick and Easy Setup

The instructions received via email and the activation QR code simplify the process of getting connected. It’s much easier compared to finding and inserting SIM cards at each destination.

Unlimited Data

Having high speed data eliminates the need to worry about keeping track of your usage or running out of data during your trip. Whether you’re streaming, using media or navigating with maps you won’t encounter any issues.

Excellent Global Coverage

Holafly has partnered with carriers in over 160 countries ensuring coverage even in remote areas. As long as your phone supports 4G/LTE and 5G networks you can expect fast speeds.

Flexible Regional eSIMs

For Europe, Asia and other regions a single Holafly eSIM covers neighboring countries. You won’t have to go through the hassle of swapping SIM cards when crossing borders.

Strong Customer Support

Holaflys customer service is highly responsive. Can be reached quickly via email, live chat, WhatsApp and other channels. They are available to assist with troubleshooting, extensions if needed, refunds or any other concerns you may have.

Functional Website & App

Managing your account topping up data and contacting support is made easy through Holaflys user website and mobile app. The design ensures an experience throughout.

Holafly Review: The Not So Good

Although Holafly performs well overall there are a drawbacks worth considering;

No Tethering on Unlimited Plans

Holafly does not allow tethering your phone’s data to devices, like laptops when using their data eSIMs.To use tethering it’s recommended to opt for a data plan with an amount, than an unlimited one.

Calling/Texting Not Included

Please note that Holafly is a data service, which means you won’t have a number for making calls or sending texts while traveling. Instead you can utilize WiFi calling and messaging apps.

Can’t Use Holafly eSIM as Primary SIM

Keep in mind that your Holafly eSIM cannot replace your SIM from your home country. To ensure functionality both SIMs need to be activated on your phone.

Potential for Throttled Speeds

It’s worth mentioning that although Holafly advertises data they do mention the possibility of reduced speeds after exceeding 60-90 GB per month. This is done to prevent network congestion. May affect users.

No Family Sharing

Unlike some providers Holafly does not offer family sharing options. Each individual will need their Holafly account and eSIM; data cannot be shared across devices.

Holafly vs. Alternatives Like Airalo and Nomad

If you’re comparing Holafly with eSIM providers like Airalo and Nomad for international travel here’s a brief overview:

  • Airalo offers more budget friendly pricing for their base plans but has limited data amounts. Some plans include calling credits. They provide app support. However speeds may be slower in areas.
  • Nomad also provides options with regional plans. They allow tethering and sharing of eSIMs, for added convenience.
  • There are drawbacks to consider when using Holafly such as the absence of data and slightly more complex account management. However it is worth noting that Holafly tends to be on the pricier side compared to options. On the side they offer high speed data on most plans, which sets them apart from other eSIM providers.

If you’re someone who requires an amount of data while traveling internationally Holafly emerges as the choice. Their unlimited high speed data is an advantage over competing companies.

Holafly eSIM Card Reviews on Trustpilot

To get an idea of customer satisfaction with Holaflys service it’s helpful to look at reviews on platforms like Trustpilot. Here are some recent excerpts from Trustpilot reviews about Holafly;

“I relied on their Europe data plan during my two month trip across the continent. It worked flawlessly. Provided speeds for video calls, Netflix streaming, social media usage and more. I never had to worry about running out of data.”

“Holafly came to my rescue when my Airalo eSIM suddenly stopped working in Japan. Their support team was incredible. Promptly set me up with a Holafly eSIM card. I enjoyed reliable data for the remainder of my trip.”

“I used Holafly in Mexico, Greece and Vietnam without any issues. The prices were reasonable. Their customer service was excellent, via WhatsApp.”My only concern is that the internet speed tends to slow down when reaching the data limits, on unlimited plans.”

In general Holafly has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 15,000 independent reviews. This high level of customer satisfaction is a testament to the reliability and quality of their service.

Choosing the Right Holafly eSIM Plan

When it comes to choosing the eSIM plan for your travel needs it can be challenging due to the numerous options available. Here are some tips to help you determine the data amount and validity period:

Take into consideration your daily data usage. Are you mostly using maps and messaging apps? Do you frequently stream videos and music? Understanding your data consumption habits will assist in deciding whether unlimited data is worth it. Light users might find cost savings with a 2GB or 5GB plan.

Check coverage maps for the countries you’ll be visiting. Some nations have carrier coverage than others. It’s essential to research if Holafly partners with providers in your travel destinations.

If you’re hopping between countries, consider getting a validity period. Holaflys regional eSIMs, for Europe, Asia, etc. work well if you’re visiting nations. Opting for a 30 or 60 day plan offers flexibility.

Purchasing plans can result in cost savings. The Europe unlimited data plan, for 90 days costs $1 USD per day. If you need it for a duration consider opting for periods to make the most of its validity.

When it comes to using a SIM, explore alternatives. For instance while Holafly eSIMs don’t replace your home country SIM providers like Airalo could be more cost effective if you’re traveling for a period.

Choosing the right Holafly plan requires some research. Finding the balance between data and validity will ensure you get the value for your money. Avoid paying extra for data that you won’t end up using.

Activating Your Holafly eSIM

Now let’s talk about when to activate your Holafly eSIM. It’s recommended to wait until you reach your destination country before starting the validity period countdown. Here are some tips on activation;

Make sure you have a source of internet access. You’ll need WiFi or a data connection to scan the QR code or enter the activation code. Activate at the airport. When you arrive at your accommodation.

If possible refrain from activating mid flight and wasting hours of validity time. Be patient. Connect once you’ve landed.

Always carry a SIM card with you in case you activate the eSIM too early. This way you won’t be left without service. Can rely on a roaming SIM or local SIM card, as a backup option.

Lastly set a reminder on your calendar so that you don’t forget dates related to your Holafly eSIM activation.

To ensure you don’t activate early make sure to set a reminder on your travel day stating “Activate Holafly eSIM now!”

By following these recommended practices you can make the most of the validity period that you paid for. Being patient initially will result in a setup later.

Holafly Customer Support Experience

Having customer service is crucial when it comes to dealing with eSIMs. Here’s a brief overview of the support options provided by Holafly:

24/7 live chat. I have personally used their chat feature times. Received prompt responses, from knowledgeable agents. They are able to troubleshoot activation issues, diagnose problems and answer any billing related inquiries.

Email and WhatsApp support. If you have questions or concerns you can reach out to them via email at [email protected] or through WhatsApp messaging. You can expect detailed responses.

Setup instructions. Holafly offers step by step activation guides for scenarios including iOS, Android SIM phones and more. These guides were extremely helpful when I was setting up my eSIM.

Refund policy. In case there is an issue that cannot be resolved by their support team Holafly offers refunds as long as you contact them within 5 days of activating your eSIM and do not exceed 50% usage.

Overall Holaflys exceptional customer service provides peace of mind for travelers who rely on their connectivity.

Is Holafly eSIM Worth It for International Travel?

If you’re a traveler seeking data while abroad Holafly is definitely an option. Their eSIMs provide connectivity and high speed internet across regions including Europe, Asia, the Americas and more.

Compared to alternatives Holaflys unlimited data plans offer value. Additionally their exceptional customer support is there to assist you in case any issues arise.

While Holafly may not be the choice out there the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true here. The unlimited data and impressive performance make it worth considering for those who heavily rely on data usage.

For individuals, with data requirements, cheaper eSIM options, like Airalo might suffice. However, frequent travelers who prioritize mobile data will surely appreciate the quality and convenience that Holafly offers.

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