Is Monos Luggage Worth It? 🤔 Monos Luggage Review 🧳

Read this comprehensive Monos luggage review to find out if their suitcases, like the Carry-On Pro Plus, are worth the investment 🤓

Monos luggage has become an increasingly popular brand in recent years, known for its stylish and modern designs.

In this extensive Monos luggage review, we provide an honest assessment of Monos based on testing their products. Read on for a transparent look at the pros and cons we’ve experienced after purchasing monos stuff.

Monos Luggage Review Summary

Overall Score: 4/5 Stars

We rate the monos luggage 4 out of 5 stars. The bags excel in sleek aesthetics but do pick up scuffs easily. Still, we love the thoughtful organizational details and would buy Monos again, albeit in a darker color.


  • Elegant, modern aesthetic
  • Premium quality construction
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Great internal organization
  • Smooth and quiet spinner wheels


  • Our lighter color suitcase scuffed easily
  • Free shipping takes 8+ days
  • Laptop sleeve doesn’t fit larger laptops
  • Some reports of mediocre customer service

Best For: Style-conscious travelers who prioritize aesthetics and don’t mind paying a bit extra for design.

Monos Luggage Features Overview

Before diving into an in-depth analysis, let’s briefly summarize some key components of Monos suitcases:

Design – Sleek, elegant, and aesthetically gorgeous luggage. The unique styles and color options really stand out.

Hardshell Case – Made of quality polycarbonate material but prone to scuffs. Monos includes a “magic eraser” to remove marks.

Internal Organization – Excellent interior pockets and storage options. Comes with shoe bags, divider panels, and compression straps.

Wheels & Handle – Smooth gliding 360-degree spinner wheels and an adjustable, 4-level telescoping monos luggage handle.

Laptop Sleeve – Unique exterior laptop compartment, but doesn’t fit larger 17”+ laptops.

Warranty – Limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturer defects but not cosmetic damage.

Sustainability – Uses eco-friendly materials. Monos is Climate Neutral certified.

Free Shipping/Returns – Free shipping offered but takes 8+ days in the US (upgrades available for faster delivery).

Monos Carry-On Pro Luggage Review

We’ll begin this monos luggage review by analyzing the Monos Carry-On Pro We purchased.

Design & Aesthetic

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Without a doubt, style is the main selling point of Monos suitcases. The bags feature a sleek, elegant, and modern design reminiscent of Apple products. Monos really focuses on fine details, from the vegan leather accents to the aperture-inspired luggage tag.

The rounded edges, ergonomic handles, and unique color options like “Champagne” all add to the luxe and stylish vibe.

We will say the lighter Rose Quartz color suitcase we choose scuffs up far too easily, especially for the $300+ price tag. But Monos tries to offset this by including a “magic eraser” sponge to buff out blemishes. More on this issue later…

Hardshell Case

Rating: 3/5 Stars

The Monos polycarbonate shell seems durable yet lightweight, made of the same aerospace-grade materials as fighter jets. Dropping the empty bag revealed no cracks or dents.

However, the glossy hardshell exterior picked up a startling number of scuffs almost instantly – from the overhead bin, baggage handling, etc. We had to vigorously scrub the case after just ONE flight. The marks do come out, but this is unacceptable for premium luggage.

Our theory is lighter colors show scuffs worse while darker options hide wear better. We suggest picking a darker Monos color like Midnight Black or adding the Monos luggage cover for extra protection. Or consider the new Monos Hybrid line with aluminum edge guards.

Interior Organization

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Monos absolutely nails interior organization. The Carry-On Pro has handy organizer pockets, shoe bags, and an expandable compression system. Two adjustable straps cinch items down to help maximize packing efficiency.

We especially appreciate the two built-in shoe bags. Most brands only include one, assuming you’ll layer clothes on one side. But the monos suitcase wisely caters to absent-minded travelers who may flip it open incorrectly.

360 Spinner Wheels

Rating: 5/5 Stars

The dual spinner wheels on the monos carry-on pro provide effortlessly smooth maneuverability. Gliding silently in all directions, this suitcase handles like a dream compared to clunky models. The wheels feel high-quality and sturdy.

During testing, We rolled over various surfaces – smooth floors, carpeting, tile, sidewalks, etc. The carry-on maintained easy handling throughout with no snags.

Telescoping Handle

Rating: 5/5 Stars

The adjustable telescoping monos luggage handle works great. A handy release button lets you fully extend the metal handle, which is light and sturdy.

We appreciate that you can lock it at 4 different heights. If you tall, you being able to customize the length is a handy perk not seen in most carry-on suitcases. Retracting the handle takes just one smooth, fluid motion.

Laptop Compartment

Rating: 3/5 Stars

The laptop compartment is a signature feature of the Monos Carry-On Pro line. This clever exterior sleeve provides padded storage for laptops and tablets. It unzips away from the main case on hinges, creating easy access to your device separate from clothes.

However, the compartment only fits laptops up to 15 inches. Larger 17 inch laptop unfortunately doesn’t squeeze inside. If you own a plus-sized mobile workstation, keep this limitation in mind.

But for more average 13-15 inch laptops, the exterior pocket seems handy for slipping your device out separately at TSA checkpoints. Just know that overstuffing could compress the laptop section awkwardly.


At 8.38 pounds empty, the Carry-On Pro Plus We tested offers a lightweight but mighty construction. You sacrifice some ounces for style since simpler polycarbonate cases can weight under 5 lbs. But the Monos maintains sleekness while avoiding flimsiness. If travel lightness is priority #1, pick a basic model sans frills.


Monos provides an impressive lifetime limited warranty…with a catch. This monos luggage warranty covers manufacturer defects until the end of time. However, it specifically EXCLUDES protecting against wear, tear, and other “cosmetic damage.”

So incidents like our easily scuffed shell likely wouldn’t qualify under the warranty’s terms. Nonetheless, structural flaws and failures seem well covered. Just don’t expect protection from scratches or surface blemishes based on the fine print.

Monos Check-In Medium Luggage Review

Next up in this monos suitcase review is an assessment of The Check-In Medium we bought to pair with our carry-on.


Much like its carry-on sibling, the Check-In absolutely nails aesthetics with its sleek silhouette and eye-catching colors. The stylish vibe carries over nicely for checked baggage you’ll hopefully seldom see.

Of course, the checked model picked up plenty of scuffs after just one flight too. But scratches matter less for luggage stashed with baggage handlers during transport. Those forced to gate check their carry-on will probably prefer an unspoiled appearance.

Interior Storage

Despite its medium size, this checked suitcase swallows a shocking amount of contents with clever compression tricks. Two handy divider flaps provide tie-down points to cinch items tighter, while a full-width compression pad does the same on the lid.

The Check-In Medium also thoughtfully incorporates a second divider panel on the opposite side from the first. This caters to forgetful packers who improperly flip open the suitcase upside down. Most brands assume you’ll only need one divider, but Monos shows extra consideration for disorganized travelers.

The suitcase also ships with two foldable shoe bags, offering protected storage for dirty kicks removed in-flight. An additional zippered pocket functions great as a laundry or toiletry pouch.


While most travelers won’t roll checked baggage far, the Check-In Medium maintains the same ultra-smooth spinner wheel functionality as seen on the carry-on sizes. Skating over carpet or asphalt posed no mobility issues based on testing.

Handles & Hardware

Durable zippers, a molded ergonomic luggage handle, and cushioned side carry handles confirm the premium quality conveyed across Monos luggage. The compression straps include useful clips that click satisfyingly into place when cinched down.


Like all Monos luggage, the Check-In Medium’s “lifetime limited warranty” safeguards against manufacturer’s defects but excludes wear, scratches, scuffs or stains incurred through regular use. So that easily marred shell remains unprotected despite the forever warranty.

Monos Suitcase Sizing And Specs

Before purchasing any luggage, it’s essential to understand sizing specifics to pick an optimal size. Here’s a breakdown of the dimensions for all Monos suitcases:

Monos Carry-Ons

The Carry-On – 22” x 14” x 9″ – Fits most domestic carry-on size limits

The Carry-On Plus – Slightly oversized at 23” x 15” x 9.5″ – Allows extra packing capacity but may exceed some international carry-on regulations

The Carry-On Pro – Same standard size as The Carry-On at 22″ x 14″ x 9″ – Pro models add an exterior laptop section

Monos Checked Luggage

The Check-In Medium – 26.5” x 18.5” x 10.5″

The Check-In Large – Significantly bigger at 30″ x 21″ x 11″ – Maximizes packing capacity for longer trips

Monos Also Offers:

Hybrid Collection – Aluminum edge protectors to reduce scuffing

Specialty trunk suitcase – Carries bulky items like skWe gear

Luggage bundles – Buy a carry-on/checked bundle and save $100+

Choose Carry-On Or Checked Luggage Based On Needs

With airlines charging check bag fees, carry-on suitcases help travelers avoid pesky surcharges. But those journeying over a week may require ample space granted by bigger checked models.

If choosing a carry-on, measure it against your airline’s published size charts before purchasing. While Monos advertises carry-on compliance, overstuffing could push boundaries.

We suggest the Check-In Large for extended excursions, while minimalists sticking to lighter packing may squeeze by with The Check-In Medium.

Pick Pro Models For The Laptop Sleeve

The exterior laptop compartment remains an intriguing feature that business travelers may appreciate. But remember capacity maxes out at 15-inch devices before things get snug.

If you don’t need the laptop section, save cash with the standard versions. Otherwise splurge on Pro models to enable removing electronics separately during TSA screenings.

Consider A Monos Suitcase Set For Complete Coverage

Investing in a carry-on/checked bundle offers perks like discounts or free add-ons compared to buying individually. You’ll also guarantee properly coordinated sizes.

But singles may only require one case. For example, cabin-only fliers can likely skip purchasing a Monos checked suitcase.

Monos Luggage Accessories & Packing Tools

Alongside baggage, Monos markets a variety of travel accessories like packing cubes, duffel bags, backpacks and more. These enable conveniently matching pieces for a put-together luggage set.

Some particularly useful products include:

Monos Compressible Packing Cubes – $45-65 depending on size

Monos Luggage Cover – $65

Monos Toiletry Bag – $55

Monos Metro Sling Bag- $125

We’ve tested the Monos Packing Cubes and find them well-made with quality zippers and material. The compression feature works reasonably well to flatten items.

The luggage cover promises extra protection, especially for lighter suitcases prone to marking up. This seems a wise add-on for thosemodels based on our experience with scuffing.

For D2C experts, Monos even offers free expert packing tips over video call when you share photos of your luggage contents. This perk could help novice packers better organize their baggage.

Monos Luggage Color Options

Monos delivers a vibrant palette not seen among most luggage brands. Alongside classic colors like black, navy and gray, the company markets unique shades dubbed “Storm Grey,” “Desert Taupe” and “Rose Quartz.”

Special seasonal colors also frequently debut like “Terrazzo,” “Terracotta,” or “Banana Pudding.” The expansive range lets shoppers select a stylish shade suited to personal tastes.

We chose an attractive pink “Rose Quartz” for testing, later regretting the decision. Light colors like blush, cream or lavender hide scuffs far worse than darker options. Stick to deeper shades or add the Monos luggage cover for carefree protection.

How Does Monos Luggage Compare To Other Brands?

Monos emerged onto the scene in 2016 as a subsidiary of the Canadian company Peace Collective, making it a relatively new player compared to incumbents like Samsonite or Delsey established over a century ago.

Rather than competing on price like those value-focused giants, Monos rivalsg battlefield through style and design. The cases focus more on looking sleek coming down the conveyer belt versus maximizing durability per dollar.

In the higher-tier luggage space, Monos also challengestatus quo companies known for quality like Briggs & Riley. Though Monos can’t match their renowned lifetime guarantees, its bags now introduce luxe facade to the market.

Let’s see how Monos baggage stacks up toe other top-rated luggage companies:

Monos VS Away Luggage

Away similarly shakes up bland offerings through instagrammable cases marketing unabashedly to millennials. Like Monos, their bags also scuff easily based on multiple reports.

But Away bills itself more as a smart luggage purveyor thanks toe app connectivity, GPS tracking, and built-in batteries. So they diverge significantly in target demographic beyond both leveraging social media and minimalist design.

Monos VS Samsonite

You can find a Samsonite carry-on for a fraction of the $300+ Monos demands. But style-seekers care less about value and m focus on the waist-level design perspective.

Of course with Samsonite’s 100+ year reputation and TravelPro now under their umbrella, quality trumps Monos. So for shoppers wanting maximum longevity per dollar, we’d have to recommend the industry’s established leader.

Monos VS Delsey

Delsey offers French styling at friendly prices, with quality closely rivaling premium brands. Their Helium Aero line wins rave reviews for blending lightweight maneuverability and durability.

Compared to Monos, Aero cases fetch similar valuations but travel easier at 4.5 pounds versus nearly 8. We give Delsey an edge for convenience plus understated sophistication.

Monos VS Briggs & Riley

The pinnacle of luggage prestige, Briggs & Riley rightly justifies a stratospheric cost through unquestioned craftsmanship. Their bags endure trips totals beyond belief thanks to replaceable parts supporting an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Monos can’t compete here on ruggedness, but justifies the price in other areas like alluring aesthetics. Basically Briggs wins on mechanics while Monos styling allures the next generation.

Is Monos Luggage Worth The High Price?

With $300+ carry-ons and near-$500 checked versions, Monos bags don’t come cheap. You’ll easily locate basic models around $100 or durable hard-shells under $200.

Yet the brand justifies elevated pricing through intangibles like aesthetics, design and trendsetting hipness. Evaluating worth depends on personal priorities – are facades or function more important?

For style mavens and design devotees, Monos makes perfect sense, delivering luggage as fashion accessory. But for cost-conscious buyers seeking maximum longevity per dollar, traditional brands like Samsonite better fit financial realities.

Just know resale value remains questionable for scratched or damaged Monos bags. So if dropping $500+ on a suitcase stretches budgets, carefully consider cheaper substitutes offering nearly equal performance.

What Are People Saying In Their Monos Luggage Reviews?

Monos luggage reviews run the gamut from gleaming endorsements to scorching critiques similar to our mixed assessment. Across various sites, common praise includes:

Gorgeous modern aesthetics Intuitive organizational components
Reasonably durable construction unique and innovative laptop sleeve

Frequent complaints mirror our own experiences:

Susceptibility to surface scratches

Lengthy shipping/return timelines Interior compression may damage telescoping handles Mediocre customer service assistance

On platforms like Reddit, some users describe nightmare experiences finally receiving resolution after public demands. But far more reviewers tell of satisfying transactions beyond minor quibbles.

Examining aggregated review data, Monos earns an average 4/5 star score on most retail channels. This aligns with our rating based on notable pros and cons experienced firsthand through testing.

Positive Monos Luggage Reviews

Monos cases rate well across ecommerce giants plus specialty travel outlets, though negative critiques definitely persist.

On Amazon, the carry-on earns 4.5 stars averaged over nearly 3,000 global reviews. 76% of buyers award a perfect 5-star rating.

Best Buy evaluations follow suit, with 4.8 stars across 330+ shoppers. An impressive 9 in 10 choose the top distinction.

Monos Luggage Alternatives

If you like the style of Monos but want to consider some alternatives, here are a couple highly-rated carry-on options to think about:

The Away Carry-On is a sleek, durable, and functional piece of luggage with modern style. Like Monos, it comes in a variety of stylish colors and features a lightweight polycarbonate hard shell, interior compression system, and smooth spinner wheels. One advantage over Monos is that Away cases seem less prone to scuffing.

For a more affordable but still fashionable carry-on, the Rockland Melbourne comes in glossy metallic colors and offers similar packing features. With spinner wheels, interior organizers, and TSA locks, it provides great value at almost half the price of Monos. Just know that the polyester fabric exterior likely won’t hold up over time as well polycarbonate.

FAQs About Monos

What is Monos’ shipping and return policy?

Monos offers free standard shipping within the US and Canada, although delivery can take 7-10+ days. Upgraded 2-5 day shipping runs about $20-40 depending on location. Returns are free within 100 days, but the policy notes that “if a product shows sign of wear or use, we cannot accept the return.” After 100 days, Monos charges return shipping fees.

Does Monos Provide a Lifetime Warranty?

Monos provides a limited lifetime warranty covering manufacturer defects, but notably excludes protection against normal wear-and-tear or cosmetic damage. So while structural failures seem covered for life, surface blemishes do not fall under the warranty’s scope based on the fine print.

Where can We buy Monos luggage?

Monos luggage can be purchased directly from the company’s website or from select other online retailers. Buying directly from Monos may offer perks like free personalization or video packing tips. Just know that buying from third-party sites means dealing with their return policies instead of Monos’.

Monos Carry-On Luggage Overview

Monos’ signature suitcase line consists of its Carry-On and Carry-On Pro models. These offer sleek style in a durable polycarbonate shell with premium details and handy features for travelers. The bags provide good storage capacity while meeting most domestic and international carry-on size restrictions.

Key specs for the Monos Carry-On line include:

  • Dimensions: 22” x 14” x 9 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 7-8 pounds
  • Capacity: 35-48 liters depending on exact model
  • Spinner wheels, telescopic handles, TSA locks
  • Vegan leather accents and accessories

Monos Check-In Large

On the checked luggage side, Monos produces The Check-In Large model which maximizes packing room for lengthier trips. With dimensions of 30” x 21” x 11” and a 99 liter volume, this expansive bag swallows enough belongings for extended excursions.

Despite the sizable storage, Monos keeps weight reasonable at 10.58 pounds for easy mobility. The Check-In Large matches other Monos bags with premium details like vegan leather trim and handles, internal dividers, and tie-down straps. Smooth wheels and a light aluminum telescoping handle offer maneuverability through airports or hotel hallways.

Buy Monos Luggage

Monos bags can be purchased directly from the company’s website, often at lower prices than third-party online retailers.

Benefits of buying directly include potential discounts or sales, fast free 2-5 day shipping upgrades, and add-ons like personalization or video packing tips from Monos experts. The company also lets shoppers finance purchases through Affirm’s pay-over-time loans.

Just remember that dealing directly with Monos means adhering to their customer service policies and return time windows instead of other sellers’. Carefully review conditions before buying.

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