Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

Discover safety tips for travelers in Bogota 👮 Learn how to stay safe and enjoy the nightlife during your trip to the capital city of Colombia

Colombia has become a destination for travelers from all over the world thanks to its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and breathtaking natural landscapes. When visiting Colombia many travelers begin their journey in Bogotá, the capital and largest city. However concerns about safety in Bogota often arise, particularly when compared to Medellin – Colombia’s toughest city.

In this article we will provide an overview of Bogotás safety situation. We will cover safety tips for navigating the city, suggest neighborhoods that are recommended to stay in, address safety concerns for female travelers in Bogotá and offer guidance on staying safe during nighttime excursions. Continue reading to gain insights on how to travel securely throughout your time in Bogotá!

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

Safety Outlook in Bogota

Two decades ago Colombia was embroiled in a violent conflict involving guerrilla groups, paramilitaries and drug cartels. During that period of time like many other major cities in Latin America experienced crime rates including Bogotá. Fortunately after the signing of a peace agreement in 2016 the security situation across Colombia has significantly improved.

Homicide rates have drastically decreased in Bogotá since then; reaching a record point in 2021. While petty crimes such as pickpocketing still occur occasionally; violent crimes are infrequent, within areas frequently visited by tourists.

As Colombia’s capital city continues its development into a thriving center both infrastructure and security measures have swiftly modernized to keep up with the pace.

In the year 2023 it is generally considered safe for foreigners to travel to Bogotá by employing sensible precautions. When visiting districts, like La Candelaria, Zona Rosa and Parque 93. Which are highly favored by visitors. Exercising the caution you would in any large capital city is advisable. It’s worth noting that potential protests or demonstrations associated with Colombian elections should be taken into account by checking travel advisories.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

Overall Bogotá can be deemed safe as long as you avoid areas particularly during nighttime hours – just as one would do when visiting other major cities.

Is Bogotá Safer Than Medellín?

Bogotá has often been perceived as the dangerous of Colombia’s two cities. However this perception is outdated. Following improvements in security measures Bogotá now boasts a level of safety compared to cities like Rio de Janeiro and even exhibits a lower homicide rate than U.S. Cities such as Washington D.C., Baltimore, Detroit and New Orleans.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

Meanwhile Medellín has earned recognition for being one of South America’s toughest cities due to its transformation. However in reality both cities now share crime rates in areas frequently visited by foreigners.

Some may assume that Medellín is safer due to its infrastructure and smaller population when compared to the massive size of Bogotá.However Bogotá takes measures to discourage street crime by deploying a number of police officers. In fact Colombia has significantly increased its police force by 33% from 2019, to 2022.

When it comes to safety levels Bogotá and Medellín are now quite comparable in aspects. However Medellín does report incidents of theft particularly when it involves violent muggings with firearms or knives.

Essential Safety Tips for Bogotá

Here are some tips to ensure your vigilance and security during your stay in Bogotá;


Alert like when visiting any unfamiliar city it’s important to stay alert and be mindful of your surroundings especially in crowded areas where pickpocketing is more prevalent. Avoid flaunting items like jewelry or handling sums of cash in public.

Stick to Well Lit Main Streets

It is advisable to walk along streets that have lighting and a noticeable presence of people at night instead of venturing into isolated side streets. When traveling after dark rely on registered taxis or ride sharing services.

Research Neighborhoods

Consult with your hotel or local friends regarding any neighborhoods that should be avoided during hours. Generally speaking affluent districts such as Zona Rosa, Parque 93 and the northern parts of Bogotá are considered safe. Exercise additional caution when exploring areas, like Downtown/La Candelaria and the southern parts of the city after sunset.

Make Use of Hotel Safes

Make sure to utilize the safety deposit box in your hotel to securely store copies of your passport debit/credit cards and the majority of your spending money. As for expenses, carry amounts concealed in a discreet money belt or hidden pocket.

Keep Your Belongings Secure

Keep an eye on your bags and purses especially in crowded areas and never leave valuables unattended. Some restaurants offer lockers where you can safely store your bags while dining. You may also consider using theft bags made with slash resistant material.

Do Your Transportation Research

Opt for transportation services such as Ubers taxis from designated ranks or TransMilenio rapid transit system. It’s advisable to book airport transfers with trusted companies in advance. If needed ask the hotel staff to arrange a taxi for you of hailing one 

Carry Passport Photocopies

Keep a paper photocopy of your passport or ID separate from the documents in case they are lost or stolen. Additionally it’s an idea to have a copy saved in the cloud or emailed to yourself.

Invest in Travel Insurance

It is highly recommended that you invest in travel insurance that includes emergency coverage, trip cancellation protection, lost baggage benefits and 24/7 travel assistance. SafetyWing and WorldNomads are both providers offering coverage.

Regarding Solo Female Travelers Safety in Bogotá

While machismo culture and street harassment (piropos) still exist to some extent across Latin America Colombia has made progress when it comes to attitudes and norms, around these issues.

Residents of Bogotá are generally more accustomed to seeing women walking alone compared to towns.

While it is extremely rare for foreign women to experience crime it is still advisable for females to take smart personal safety measures, such as avoiding isolated areas especially after hours. In neighborhoods like La Candelaria solo women should exercise caution at night.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

Is Bogotá Safe at Night?

In the past Bogotá had a reputation for being unsafe after dark. However security has significantly improved across Colombia after years of conflict. Violent crime is now comparatively rare in Bogotá during nighttime.

The affluent northern districts of the city such as Zona Rosa and Parque 93 maintain a police presence. Continue to be popular for high end dining and nightlife just like during the daytime. Downtown/La Candelaria mostly becomes quieter after dark with an exception on tourist streets. Most travelers don’t encounter any issues if they stick to avenues around the hostel or hotel zone.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

However it’s important to note that abandoned side streets and isolated neighborhoods can still pose risks, at night.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

When exploring Bogotá it’s important for tourists to stay vigilant during hours. Avoid confrontations. Make sure to use registered taxis or reputable ride sharing services, like Uber. It’s also advisable to stick to tourist areas and avoid wandering into deserted zones.

What to Watch Out For in Bogotá

Here are some key safety concerns that travelers should be aware of during their visit to Bogotá;

Petty Theft & Pickpocketing

Like any city Bogotá experiences urban crimes such as pickpocketing and bag snatching. Tourists should remain alert in crowded places like bus terminals, public transportation hubs, markets and festivals. Keep your belongings secure in theft bags.

Scams & Extortion

While taxi scams used to be a problem in Bogotá, the introduction of taxis, Ubers and airport transfers has helped mitigate this issue. However there are still instances where criminals may attempt to scam or extort money from tourists by posing as police officers. Always verify the legitimacy of officials before complying with any requests or handing over money.


Given Colombia’s climate, peaceful public demonstrations often take place around universities, public parks and main plazas in Bogotá. It’s important for tourists to avoid engaging in altercations with protestors and instead follow advice and consult government travel advisories for any protest alerts that could impact their itinerary.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️


Though rare occurrences have been reported it’s essential for tourists to be cautious about their drinks being spiked with sedatives intended to incapacitate them for theft purposes.

By staying informed about these safety issues and taking precautions while exploring Bogotá as a tourist destination, after hours visitors can ensure a safer experience during their stay.

It’s really important to remember to cover your drinks. Never leave them unattended. It’s also an idea to avoid accepting drinks from people you’ve just met.

Is La Candelaria a safe place?

With its street art, colonial architecture, museums and affordable accommodations the downtown district of La Candelaria seems perfect, for backpackers. However it requires caution when it comes to safety compared to the neighborhoods in northern Bogotá. Most issues tend to occur after dark when the streets can feel a bit sketchy and deserted.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

During the daytime the popular tourist area of La Candelaria that is bordered by Avenida Jiménez, Carrera 7 Calle 6 and Calle 11 is generally safe due to foot traffic and police officers on bikes keeping an eye out. Visitors should make sure to keep their valuables secure, watch out for pickpockets in areas, only use ATMs located inside banks when withdrawing money and stick to lit pedestrian streets at night.

Many boutique hostels in La Candelaria offer airport pickups and can arrange registered taxis for you late at night. It’s an idea to take advantage of these services. While famous cultural sites like the Gold Museum and Botero Museum are safe to visit, the nearby neighborhood of Egipto might feel a bit unsafe after dark.

What about other parts of Bogotá?

Here’s a quick overview of the safety situation, in neighborhoods in Bogotá;


This is a large district that includes Zona Rosa and stretches up to Calle 100. It’s quite popular among foreigners. Generally considered safe. Just be cautious when you’re near areas around Lleras Park at night.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

Santa Fe and Centro Internacional

These areas are bustling business and commercial hubs with hotels. Although they are day and night it’s still advisable to take taxis after dark. Most safety concerns here involve violent crimes like pickpocketing.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

La Macarena

La Macarena borders districts. Can have a slightly rougher reputation at night beyond the gastronomic hub near Cll 26. It’s better to use Cabify for walking for long distances.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

Las Aguas/Chico Lago

These upscale sectors are popular among diplomats and the elite of Bogotá. They experience violent crime although occasional robberies and pickpocketing can happen.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

Los Mártires

The streets in this neighborhood between Centro and Chapinero become deserted at night in pockets of poverty. Stick to Cll 13/26, at night. Opt for a cab.

Is Bogota Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers in Colombia ☝️

In general Bogotás socioeconomic layout is highly stratified, which makes safety relatively predictable. Affluent professional enclaves rarely experience crime whereas isolated working class areas require caution. Understanding this landscape can help visitors identify areas.

Final Thoughts About Safety in Colombia

When it comes to safety, in Bogotá the truth probably lies somewhere in between. It’s not an urban war zone but it’s also not as safe as a quiet European village. Being Colombia’s capital city Bogotá naturally carries some risks of crime, protests and inequality that travelers should keep in mind. However significant progress has been made over the decade in terms of stabilizing security.

For those traveling to Bogotá, the districts that are popular among expats and tourists generally tend to be quite safe. However it’s still important to exercise caution when walking on side streets or venturing into neighborhoods after dark. By practicing awareness and taking precautions that one would take in any major city, visitors can confidently explore the vibrant culture of Bogotá, its charming colonial neighborhoods like La Candelaria, its renowned museums and the breathtaking beauty of the Andean region.

It’s worth noting that safety levels also heavily depend on travelers profiles and behaviors. Solo female travelers or foreigners who stand out may attract attention particularly in cultures, with strong machismo tendencies. Additionally those who engage in drug use or frequently indulge in nightlife activities may face a risk of encountering crime or violence.

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