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Looking for a rental car and wondering if Fox Rent a Car is too good to be true? Compare prices and customer reviews of Fox with other rentals 🤔

Fox Rent A Car has emerged as a popular budget rental car company, attracting customers with low rates. But this affordability comes with a reputation for poor customer service, hidden fees, and older vehicles. Examining Fox’s business model and customer experiences reveals how the company keeps costs low, while also shedding light on the drawbacks.

A Look at the Business Model and Reviews of Fox Rent A Car

An Overview of Fox Rent A Car

Fox Rent A Car was founded in 1989 in Los Angeles. With 21 corporate locations across the United States and over 300 international affiliates, Fox has expanded while still marketing itself as a discount rental car provider. Fox is owned by The Parking Spot, which also runs airport parking facilities across North America.

Many customers are drawn by Fox’s low rates compared to big national rental brands like Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise. A Fox rent a car reservation often pops up at the top when searching aggregator sites. But does the attraction of a cheap rental car outweigh potentially poor service and policies?

How Does Fox Keep Prices Low?

There are several factors that allow Fox to undercut major competitors on pricing:

Fleet Composition

Fox’s fleet includes more budget and economy cars versus newer or luxury models. Maintaining an older fleet with less expensive cars reduces overhead.

Lower Operating Costs

From a lower corporate overhead to minimal airport locations, Fox reduces operating expenses that larger brands pass onto consumers.

Off-Airport Locations

With just a handful of airport locations, most Fox outlets are situated offsite. This significantly cuts real estate and operations costs.

Ancillary Revenue

Fox relies heavily on add-ons like insurance, GPS rentals, toll passes, and refueling fees to drive profits. Pushing these extras helps offset low base rates.

Market Positioning

By positioning itself as a discount brand, Fox sets expectations around lower prices versus superior service or vehicle quality.

Limited Customer Service

Minimal staffing and poor customer service lowers labor costs but leads to headaches for renters.

Target Demographic

Fox caters pricing and vehicles toward budget-conscious leisure and younger renters who prioritize cost savings.

This business model does keep daily and weekly rates inexpensive. But the trade-offs in service, quality, and hidden fees are where many renters run into issues.

Fox Rental Car Customer Reviews: Common Complaints

With bargain pricing as the main appeal, Fox rental car reviews frequently cite problems experienced by customers. Common grievances include:

  • Unexpected Fees: Additional insurance, toll passes, GPS rentals, or refueling charges added at pickup significantly increase total cost.
  • Poor Vehicle Condition: Outdated cars with high mileage and cosmetic damage. Dirty interiors and lingering smoke odors.
  • Bait and Switch: Reserving one car class online but receiving a smaller model with less capacity at pickup.
  • Long Lines and Wait Times: Understaffing and off-airport locations cause extensive waits for shuttles, checkout, and returns.
  • Lack of Transparency: Vague online listings about insurance requirements, shuttle services, and add-on fees.
  • Upselling and Deception: Pressuring customers into unnecessary add-ons through misinformation or omission.
  • Poor Customer Service: Unhelpful staff, lack of responsiveness, convoluted contact process for issues.
  • Reservation Problems: Out-of-stock vehicles, overbooking, or cancelations with no assistance.
  • Car Condition Issues: Renters report cleanliness problems, malfunctions, and damage that incur fines.
  • Billing Errors and Overcharges: Complaints around inaccurate charges, refund problems, and administrative fees.

While certainly not universal, these recurring pain points illustrate how Fox cuts service and quality to offer budget pricing. Many feel the headaches outweigh potential savings.

Should You Rent From Fox? Key Considerations

Determining if a Fox rental car makes sense requires weighing several key factors:


No doubt Fox offers some of the lowest published rates around. But dig into insurance needs, add-ons, and fees to gauge true total cost.

Vehicle Type

Fox focuses on economy sedans and basic SUVs. If you just need simple, affordable transportation, their fleet may suffice.

Location and Hours

Most outlets are situated off-airport with limited hours. Ensure the location is convenient and open when needed.

Trip Purpose

For a short local rental or basic road trip, Fox could work. For luxury travel or complex itineraries, a reputable national brand may be worth the extra cost.

Customer Service

Understaffing and limited support can leave renters stranded when issues arise. Temper expectations around problem resolution.


Check location-specific reviews on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere. Complaints are common but some outlets perform better than others.

Insurance Needs

Fox’s insurance requirements and lack of basic coverage means renters incur greater liability. Review your existing policies carefully.

Terms and Conditions

Read the Fox rental agreement thoroughly, researching state laws around required insurance minimums and allowable add-on fees.

On the whole, Fox Rent A Car earns its reputation as a deeply flawed yet cheap car rental company. For renters purely seeking rock-bottom prices, Fox may suffice when rented with great caution. But many travelers are better served through a reputable brand that offers quality vehicles, transparent pricing, and real customer service even at slightly higher base rates.

Fox Rental Car Alternatives

For renters turned off by Fox’s reputation, plenty of alternatives exist:

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car – The largest U.S. agency with airport and local branches. Competitive pricing and good service.
  • Sixt Rent A Car – A fast-growing discount European brand expanding in America. Modern fleet with fair prices.
  • Dollar Rent A Car – Owned by Hertz but competes on price. Basic yet usually solid vehicles and service.
  • Thrifty Car Rental – Another budget brand with airport and local outlet options. Decent value rentals.
  • Avis Rent A Car – A major brand that aggressively prices-matches competitors. High-quality vehicles.
  • Budget Rent A Car – Famous for low rates with a large network of airport and neighborhood locations.
  • Payless Car Rental – True to its name, rock-bottom pricing but very limited locations.
  • ZipCar – For hourly urban rentals rather than full-days. Convenient but caters to shorter trips.

Renting from an established brand for a few extra dollars a day provides peace of mind and cuts hidden costs through quality cars and transparent policies. The pricier quote upfront often becomes the better value overall.

The Bottom Line on Fox Rental Car

When looking to rent a car in 2024, it’s wise to consider recent customer experiences and reviews before choosing Fox Rent A Car. Several concerning reports from Fox renters in major cities like Los Angeles and New York shed light on ongoing issues.

Many who have rented a car from Fox discover extra charges, fees, and insurance costs added at pickup that significantly increase the final bill. One renter booked a minivan online for $255, only to end up paying over $400 at the Fox counter due to obligatory add-ons like GPS and roadside assistance. Others report issues with pre-paying for a full tank of gas but feeling compelled to return the car completely full to avoid refueling fees.

If something does go wrong with the car during your rental, Fox customers frequently mention unhelpful staff, convoluted contact procedures, and little resolution from corporate management. From a dangerous tire blowout to forgotten personal items left in a returned car, Fox renters struggle to connect with representatives and rarely get problems remedied.

When you’re looking to rent affordably, turning to lesser known rental car agencies can be tempting. But the saying “if it’s too good to be true…” often applies. The initial quote might be remarkably cheap, but Fox renters caution to calculate all ancillary fees and consider potential issues that may arise. At the end of your trip, rental car problems are the last headache you need.

Many who have taken a chance on a Fox rental for the cost savings regret the decision in hindsight. Hidden insurance mandates, older cars with mechanical issues, and awful customer support cause them to swear off Fox for their next rental. When TripAdvisor looked at car rental company reviews for 2022, Fox ranked dead last out of 14 major agencies. If you want peace of mind on the road, it pays to pick an established national brand where you know you’ll get quality vehicles, transparent pricing, and real support.

In the world of rental cars, remarkably low rates should always raise suspicion. For a substantial discount versus leading competitors, Fox Rent A Car offers an older fleet, barebones service, and murky fees. Customers are attracted by the rock-bottom pricing but often disappointed by the experience. While potentially feasible for limited, budget-minded travel, hidden costs, quality issues, and lack of support undermine the value. Most travelers are better off booking through a reputable national brand that delivers quality, transparency, and service behind their rates. Ultimately Fox reveals that in car rentals, sometimes you really do “get what you pay for.”

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