Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

Discover the best waterproof sneakers for men in 2024! From top brands like Saucony and Columbia, find the best waterproof shoes ☔️

When it comes to finding footwear that can handle weather and keep your feet warm and dry, having the best waterproof sneakers is crucial. However with the wide range of options available it can be challenging to determine which are truly the notch walking shoes. There are an factors to consider when shopping for waterproof sneakers;

Waterproof Technology

The aspect of waterproof sneakers is undoubtedly the technology used for waterproofing. There are two types of technologies employed in shoes;


Gore-Tex is a highly trusted and renowned membrane known for its ability to provide both water resistance and breathability, in outdoor and casual footwear. The expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane contains over 1.4 billion pores per inch. These pores are smaller than water droplets preventing moisture from entering while allowing sweat vapor molecules to escape promoting breathability within the shoe. Popular brands like Merrell, Saucony, Columbia and The North Face rely on Gore-Tex technology for their regarded waterproof running shoes and hiking shoes.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

Proprietary Waterproof Membranes

By utilizing Gore Tex some brands develop their exclusive membranes for achieving waterproofness. For instance Vessi. A brand specializing in knit sneakers. Relies on its waterproof proprietary membrane when crafting their shoes.

Allbirds also incorporate their water resistant layer called Puddle Guard in combination with wool and bio TPE layers to make their Wool Runner shoes weather resistant. When brands rely on their technologies they have the ability to customize and refine these membranes for their shoe models.

Regardless of the composition of materials, having a waterproof yet breathable membrane across the part of the sneaker is crucial in order to repel moisture from the outside. The best waterproof sneakers combine these barriers with designs and traction rubber outsoles that’re suitable for wet environments and various activities.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

Key Features of Waterproof Sneakers

Apart from having membranes the best waterproof sneakers should possess important attributes including;

Breathable Lining

A mesh or fabric lining that allows sweat and moisture to escape from your feet is essential. This plays a role in maintaining comfort and preventing heat buildup inside a waterproof shoe. Materials like Gore Tex are known for offering breathability.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

Traction Outsoles

Sturdy rubber outsoles with lugs provide traction and grip when walking on slippery surfaces or muddy trails. Brands like Merrell equip their hiking shoes with Vibram soles to ensure traction.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide


Adequate cushioning and support enhance comfort, especially if you’ll be on your feet for periods. Key areas to consider include the midsole, as the insole/footbed.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

Lace Up Closure

Lace up closures that securely fasten prevent any moisture from getting in through openings or fitting areas. This ensures that you’ll have protection keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

By considering these design factors you can easily find sneakers that’re not only versatile but also offer utmost comfort and full protection for any activities you plan to engage in.

Top Brands for Waterproof Sneakers

There is a range of footwear brands that now offer waterproof sneaker options. Here are some of the brands considering;


Merrell is known for producing rugged waterproof hiking shoes and trail running shoes making them perfect for outdoor adventures. Many of their shoe models feature a Gore Tex lining and Vibram outsoles. A popular choice among hikers is the Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof hiking shoe.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide


Saucony, renowned for its performance running shoes incorporates Gore Tex technology into models like the Excursion TR15 GTX trail runner. This allows athletes to comfortably log miles in conditions while ensuring their feet remain dry.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide


Vessi has gained attention with its 100% waterproof knit sneakers, which utilize their proprietary waterproof membranes and grooved soles. Their stylish everyday sneakers help keep your feet dry when navigating through cities during your commute.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide


Columbia, a trusted brand offers a variety of hiking boots and trail shoes equipped with Gore Tex support. The Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Amped hiking shoe stands out as an option suitable for various terrains.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

These brands provide choices when it comes to finding high quality waterproof sneakers that cater to different needs while ensuring optimal comfort and performance.

Regardless of the brand choosing known names in shoes often means you’ll get better warranties, service and consistent quality. Known brands can produce high quality waterproof sneakers as long as they feature a waterproof membrane traction lugs and a breathable lining.

Finding The Most Comfortable Waterproof Sneakers

In your search, for waterproof sneakers it’s important to prioritize keeping your feet dry. However comfort is also crucial for all day use. Several factors contribute to comfort;

1. Breathable Lining; Opt for fabric linings as they not promote ventilation but also feel softer against the skin compared to plastic y waterproof membranes alone.

2. Cushioning; Look for midsoles and insoles/footbeds with cushioning to enhance underfoot comfort by absorbing shock and impact. Materials like EVA foam or memory foam are choices.

3. Support; Many waterproof sneakers are available in sizes. Have features that securely hold your feet in place for maximum stability and arch support. This prevents sliding inside the shoe when walking on surfaces.

Considering these comfort oriented attributes along with capabilities ensures that your feet stay dry without compromising on all day wearability.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant Sneakers

When researching sneakers you might come across shoes labeled as “water resistant” or fully waterproof options.

So what is the distinction between the two and which choice is preferable?

Water resistant shoes are treated with coatings or solutions to repel water and moisture to some extent. However they lack a lining covering the interior surface. As a result water can still seep in through seams or perforations over time. On the hand, waterproof sneakers have barriers like Gore Tex or proprietary membranes across their entire upper section providing exceptional water protection.

The advantage of water resistance is that it generally allows for breathability since there’s no plastic layer on the inside. This makes water shoes for light drizzles and protection against splashes. However when it comes to conditions or heavy rainfalls waterproof sneakers outperform by keeping feet warm and dry for longer periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve discussed what makes the best waterproof sneakers stand out lets address some questions that shoppers often ask;

What are some recommended waterproof sneakers?

Some top choices include the Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof hiking shoe, Saucony Excursion TR15 GTX trail running shoe, Vessi Everyday Move knit sneaker and Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Amped hiking shoe.

Which tennis shoes are considered the best, in terms of being waterproof?

The New Balance Fresh Foam Roav V2 GORE TEX and Nike Court Vision Low Next Nature are two options for tennis shoes that offer features allowing you to play comfortably in wet conditions.

Which shoes provide protection?

Many outdoor brands like Merrell, Saucony, Columbia, The North Face as well as casual brands such as Vessi and Allbirds offer a variety of waterproof hiking boots, trail running shoes and everyday sneakers and boots.

Which waterproof sneakers are the most comfortable?

Merrell and Saucony are known for producing cushioned and supportive sneakers due to their trail running heritage. Additionally Vessis knit sneakers provide both comfort and complete water protection.

Are Waterproof Shoes Better Than Water-Resistant Shoes?

Absolutely! Waterproof shoes excel at keeping your feet dry compared to water shoes. While water resistant footwear may have coatings that repel moisture initially they can still allow water to seep through seams over time. In contrast waterproof shoes employ membranes that seal the surface effectively preventing any moisture from entering.

Here are some examples of waterproof sneakers:

Merrell Vapor Glove 3 Waterproof. This lightweight Merrell trail running shoe features a protective yet breathable Gore Tex material that keeps your feet dry even when crossing streams or encountering puddles. Its Vibram outsole provides traction on surfaces even when wet.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

New Balance has taken their trail shoes. Made it even more suitable, for rugged terrain and harsh weather by incorporating a Gore Tex waterproof membrane. The Vibram outsole with its lug pattern ensures stability in slippery conditions.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

Vessi offers everyday knit sneakers that provide 100% waterproofing making it effortless to confidently walk through rainstorms and slushy winter streets without worrying about feet.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

Saucony introduces the Peregrine 11 ST GTX, specifically designed for mountain running. The upper mesh is equipped with Gore Tex protection to fend off water regardless of the climate. With cushioning from PWRRUN technology you can confidently tackle terrains.

Best Waterproof Sneakers 👟👟 2024 Waterproof Shoe Guide

Final Thoughts About Best Waterproof Shoes

When searching for the pair of sneakers it’s important to find a balance between effective weather protection technology and long lasting comfort and performance. By choosing footwear brands that incorporate water barriers like Gore Tex or other proprietary membranes you can be assured that your shoes will keep water out. Additionally look for stability features rubber outsoles, with traction and breathable linings to enhance your experience when wearing sneakers in challenging weather conditions.

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