Best iPhone Tripods and Mounts for 2024 πŸ“±

Discover the best iPhone tripods and mounts for 2024 to elevate your selfie and TikTok game πŸ“Έ From Joby ’s GorillaPod to Square Jellyfish 🀩

If you’re someone who enjoys creating content or loves capturing your adventures or even if you just want to improve your selfies using a mount, your iPhone can greatly enhance the quality of your photos and videos.. With many options available in the market how do you decide which iPhone tripod mount is the best fit for you? In this guide we’ll walk you through the factors to consider and recommend some of the highly rated mounts that are currently available.

What to Consider when Choosing an iPhone Tripod Mount

Solid and Secure Design

First and foremost it’s crucial to find an iPhone tripod mount that securely holds your device. Look for a built construction usually made of metal along with padding on the clamps or grips that hold your phone. A ball head mount allows adjustment of angles and orientations. The locking mechanism should firmly keep your phone in place once positioned without any wobbling. Some mounts even offer quick release functionality for attachment and detachment.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The best iPhone tripod mounts provide flexibility in terms of tilting, swiveling and rotating your phone to capture that shot. Consider the range of motion and ease of adjustment based on your photography needs. Additionally check if the mount is compatible with models of iPhones well, as different types of cases they may be wearing.

Versatile mounts can serve as both hand grips and compatible accessories, for tripods, selfie sticks or other stabilization devices.

Consider the size, weight and portability of an iPhone tripod mount if you plan on using it while traveling. It’s ideal to have a lightweight mount weighing 5-7oz that can easily fit in a backpack or purse. Some mounts even fold up into a size for storage during travel. Additionally you may also find tripods that allow hands free use of your iPhone while on the go.

When choosing an iPhone tripod mount take into account any features and accessories it may offer. Higher end mounts often come with bonus functionalities such as a shutter, Bluetooth connectivity, LED options or an external microphone port. Consider which additional capabilities will best suit your vlogging, photography and videography needs. Some mounts are available as part of kits that include a stand and additional lighting equipment.

Best IPhone Tripods

Joby GripTight Pro 3 Mount

In terms of the iPhone mounts in 2023 The Joby GripTight Pro 3 Mount stands out as our top recommendation due to its exceptional grip quality provided by its sturdy metal construction and rubberized pads. With its quick release lever mechanism it allows for attachment and easy switching between vertical positions. This mount offers versatility with its rotational ball head feature along with a bubble level, for achieving optimal angles. Additionally when collapsed it conveniently fits in pockets.

The Joby GripTight Pro 3 is a choice for iPhone photography as it works well with iPhone models and cases. It offers a grip, a quick release lever and a rotating ball head. You can also adjust the angles optimally using the bubble level. Additionally it collapses to a size that can easily fit in your pocket.


  • Sturdy, secure grip
  • Quick-release lever
  • Fully rotational ball head
  • Bubble level for optimal angles
  • Collapses to pocket size


  • On the pricier side
Best iPhone Tripods and Mounts for 2024 πŸ“±

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod

On the other hand if you’re looking for an affordable option that still maintains high quality you might want to consider the Manfrotto Pixi smartphone clamp. Made of aluminum this mount has a design. Feels solid and premium. It securely holds your iPhone in place with a screw mechanism for tightening or loosening the grip. The ball head angle can be adjusted effortlessly using the push button wheel. Weighing over 7 ounces the Pixi mount is lightweight and foldable making it convenient to carry in bags or packs. While it may not have all the features it delivers performance at an affordable price point.


  • Premium aluminum build
  • Tight screw clamps phone securely
  • Easy push-button ball head angle adjustments
  • Foldable and lightweight


  • Screw clamp takes longer to attach phone than quick-release lever


UBeesize Tripod S

Best iPhone Tripods and Mounts for 2024 πŸ“±

Joby GorillaPod Arm

Looking to explore your side in smartphone photography? Look no further than the Joby GorillaPod Arm. This fantastic flexible tripod mount offers grippy legs that can easily wrap around railings, poles, branches and other objects to securely hold your iPhone in positions. The ball head allows for control over your shots with its tilting and swiveling capabilities. Weighing over 5 ounces it conveniently switches between being a handgrip or a wrap mount and even comes with a ring for attaching accessories. If you’re an iPhone user seeking versatile shooting options on the go the Joby GorillaPod Arm is the choice.


  • Flexible legs enables creative shots
  • Securely wraps around objects
  • With accessories like lights or microphones
  • Can be used as a hand grip, wrap mount or freestanding tripod
  • Extremely portable and lightweight


  • May require some finesse to achieve wrapping technique
Best iPhone Tripods and Mounts for 2024 πŸ“±

Square Jellyfish Metal Tripod

For those looking for a tabletop tripod option for their iPhones we recommend the Square Jellyfish Metal Tripod. Its stable design with legs and rubber grips ensures that your phone stays steady without any tipping issues. The ball head smoothly adjusts through a knob allowing switching between landscape and portrait orientations. When collapsed this tripod stands at 5 inches tall. Weighs only 5 ouncesβ€”making it exceptionally portable.

Tabletop tripods for iPhones don’t get much better than this straightforward and sturdy option from Square Jellyfish.


  • The short legs provide stability making it ideal for tables.
  • Rubber grips prevent sliding.
  • The smooth ball head allows you to adjust the phone angle.
  • When collapsed it is extremely compact and lightweight.


  • This tripod is designed specifically for use. Does not extend to full height.
Best iPhone Tripods and Mounts for 2024 πŸ“±

Best Budget – Ulanzi Metal Tripod Mount

If you’re an iPhone user looking for a decent tripod mount consider the Ulanzi metal tripod mount. Its all metal construction feels solid and secure at a price under $20. With a thumbscrew you can easily rotate your phone 360 degrees. Achieve multiple viewing angles. Although it fits smartphones, larger models or thick cases may pose some compatibility issues. Overall the Ulanzi offers a no frills budget option that gets the job done for iPhone photographers and videographers.


  • Price for those on a budget.
  • Solid build with its all metal construction.
  • The locking thumbscrew ensures adjustments.
  • Provides adjustability for use.


  • The plastic clip is not as secure as mounts.
  • It may have limited compatibility with phones or cases.
Best iPhone Tripods and Mounts for 2024 πŸ“±

Best Splurge – Peak Design Everyday Case with Tripod Mount

For iPhone photographers and content creators seeking a premium solution the Peak Design Everyday case, with tripod mount is worth splurging on.This iPhone case offers protection for your phone. Comes with a built in tripod mount allowing you to easily connect your phone to any tripod. Its design takes inspiration from origami. Even includes a wallet for storing your cards and cash. While it is on the pricier side it combines the benefits of a high quality case and a tripod mount into one package.


  • The built in tripod mount connects to the case.
  • It provides protection for your iPhone with its design.
  • It includes a card wallet for convenience.


  • The price tag is quite high.
  • It requires the use of either a Peak Design case or a Magsafe case.
Best iPhone Tripods and Mounts for 2024 πŸ“±
Best iPhone Tripods and Mounts for 2024 πŸ“±

Enhancing Your iPhone Photography with Tripod Mounts

Using an iPhone tripod mount opens up opportunities for creativity:

Steady Landscape Photography

With a mount you can capture panoramas, waterfalls and skylines in high resolution without any blurring caused by hand shake.

Perfectly Framed Portraits and Group Shots

Mounting your iPhone on a tripod allows you to achieve the angle and height for posed portraits or capturing group photos where you can also be part of the frame.

Artistic Food Photography

Capture captivating shots of your creations by mounting your phone in a downward position.

Professional Looking Videos

Using an eliminates shaking from your iPhone videos resulting in footage that’s perfect, for travel vlogs, instructional videos or showcasing real estate properties.

Capture Stunning Low Light Photos

Attach your iPhone to a tripod, for capturing mesmerizing long exposure night shots of the Milky Way or beautiful light trails that are nearly impossible to achieve while holding the phone in your hand.

Enjoy Hands-Free Zoom Calls and Live Streams

Utilize a tabletop tripod to effortlessly mount your phone allowing you to engage in hands video calls, live streaming sessions following recipes or any other type of broadcast.

Wireless Remote Control

One convenient feature to look for when selecting an iPhone tripod is capability. Many tripod mounts like the UBeesize phone tripod come equipped with a Bluetooth control that enables you to remotely activate the camera shutter button on your iPhone. This allows you to effortlessly capture self portraits, group photos, timed shots and even long exposure images without having to press the shutter button on your phone. The wireless remote seamlessly connects via Bluetooth. Offers buttons for taking photos starting/stopping video recording or setting a timer. Tripods with remote controls provide excellent convenience for iPhone photographers who desire complete hands free operation. They prove valuable when you need shots from a distance away while keeping your phone securely mounted.

Elevate Your iPhone Photography with Tripod Mounting

By utilizing an iPhone tripod mount you unlock an array of possibilities that can make your photo professional-looking;

Capture high resolution panoramas, waterfalls and skylines, with steady and blur free landscape photography using mounts. 

Achieve framed portraits and group shots by mounting your iPhone on a tripod at the angle and height. This way you can ensure everyone is in the frame.

Explore your side with food photography by getting a birds eye shot of your dish. Simply mount your phone pointing down to capture the angle.

Produce more looking videos with an iPhone tripod that eliminates shake. Whether you’re creating travel vlogs, how to videos or real estate walkthroughs a tripod will enhance the quality of your footage.

Improve low light photography by mounting your iPhone for exposure night shots. Capture breathtaking images of the Milky Way or mesmerizing traffic light trails that would be impossible to achieve handheld.

Experience hands convenience during zoom calls and live streams by utilizing a tabletop tripod to mount your phone. Whether you’re engaging in video calls sharing streams following recipes or broadcasting content this setup allows for hassle operation.

Curious about iPhone mounts? Here are some asked questions

Q; What’s the best Apple phone tripod mount?

A; Considering design versatility, value for money and overall performance we recommend the Joby GripTight Pro 3 as the choice, for an iPhone tripod mount.

Q; Do I need a mount or just a tripod?

A; The answer depends on how you plan to use it!There are tripods designed specifically for iPhones that have a built-in mount to hold your phone. However if you prefer you can use a mount that allows you to attach your iPhone to any tripod selfie stick or stand.

To prevent your iPhone from moving in the tripod mount look for a mount specifically designed for iPhones with grips or clamps. Make sure to tighten it so that your phone doesn’t wiggle or slip. Typically ball head mounts have a locking mechanism that helps fix the position 

Tripod mounts are usually compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. They often come with clips or rubber grips to fit models and case sizes. However some mounts may be specifically designed for iPhones only. To ensure compatibility it’s advisable to check the product details before purchasing.

Depending on the mount you choose, many of them feature a 1/4″ 20 tripod screw that enables you to use them with both smartphones and traditional cameras. In fact some iPhone tripod mounts even include a cold shoe adapter which allows you to attach accessories like lights or microphones.

If you’re, on a budget. Looking for a yet reliable iPhone tripod mount under $20 we recommend considering the Ulanzi metal tripod mount.

The tripod mount is constructed entirely of metal. Features a thumbscrew, for adjustment. However it may not offer the level of refinement and performance as expensive mounts.

When it comes to choosing a mount for your iPhone 12 or 13 the size of the mount itself doesn’t need to correspond with your iPhone model. What’s important is that the mount’s grip or bracket can be adjusted to accommodate your phone’s width. Most standard mounts are designed to fit iPhone 12 13 and other recent models.

Certainly! An iPhone tripod mount is perfect for TikTok or Instagram users who want to capture well framed shots for their content. You might even consider a mount that comes with a Bluetooth remote so you can start/stop recording hands free.

For vloggers seeking the mount for their iPhones it’s recommended to find one that offers smooth pan/tilt control and has the ability to attach accessories such as microphones or lights. Flexible wraparound mounts are also quite popular among vloggers as they allow phones to be positioned at angles.

By finding the best tripod for your iPhone you’ll be able to elevate your mobile content creation with clear shots and seamless videos. Consider how you plan on using your iPhone along with factors, like portability, accessory compatibility and budget when making your decision.

Investing an extra in a high quality phone mount that securely holds your device is definitely worth it. By following our advice, on finding the mount you can elevate your iPhone photography and videography skills to heights!

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