Discover why the Baboon to the Moon Go Bag is a must-have for your next adventure 🤩

Baboon to the moon has become an incredibly popular bag brand, known for its eye-catching and durable luggage. This review will provide an in-depth look at Baboon to the Moon’s offerings, examining the features and performance of its bestselling Go-Bags to help you determine if they are worth the investment for your next adventure.

Overview of Baboon to the Moon

Baboon to the Moon was founded in 2018 by a team wanting to create functional, sustainable, and vibrant travel bags. The New York-based company offers a range of luggage like duffels, backpacks, sling bags and packing cubes in flashy colors.

However, Baboon to the Moon’s Go-Bags steal the show. These multi-functional duffels come in Mini (32L), Small (40L) and Big (60L) sizes. They feature handles and adjustable backpack straps, giving flexibility to carry them however you like. The bags also contain several interior and exterior pockets to keep items organized.

Constructed from durable, waterproof fabrics, Go-Bags suit road trips, air travel, and outdoor excursions. With eye-catching hues and patterns, they reflect the brand’s adventurous spirit. Let’s look closer at each size.

Review of the Baboon to the Moon Go-Bag Sizes

The 32L and 60L sizes of the Go-Bag cater to shorter and longer trips. The Mini fits a few days while the cavernous Big suits over a week’s worth of gear.

Baboon to the Moon Go-Bag Mini Review

The 32L Go-Bag Mini offers ample space for short trips, working nicely as a carry-on or personal item. It fits 3-5 days worth of clothing and measures 9.5′′ x 18.5′′ x 12′′ while weighing just 3.2 lbs empty.

During a recent test, I comfortably used the Mini for a 3-day trip. It swallowed my packing cubes stuffed with outfits, plus essentials like my laptop, camera, toiletries and snacks.

The Mini slid conveniently under airline seats, even when full. Its four handles let me easily maneuver it through the airport. For longer wear, the backpack straps felt supportive once adjusted. The vibrant Soph Pink exterior and festive interior print kept my spirits bright.

With ample organization pockets, durable and waterproof shell, and spunky look, the Go-Bag Mini is a versatile travel sidekick. Its $169 price reflects Baboon to the Moon’s focus on quality and sustainability.

We recently used the purple Mini (32L) for a spontaneous 4-day getaway. Despite lacking exterior pockets, its interior organization helped me quickly access items. The easy-wipe fabric also made cleaning simple after encountering rain.

Baboon to the Moon Go-Bag Small Review

Baboon to the Moon’s bestselling 40L Go-Bag Small offers ample capacity for trips between 3-5 days. It functions great as a carry-on and fits overhead bins easily.

Recently, I packed it to the brim with clothing, shoes, electronics and toiletries for a 4-day getaway. Despite cramming it full, the sturdy bag showed no signs of wear. Its easy-clean shell and waterproof zippers also kept contents protected from spills and rain.

For carrying flexibility, I regularly switched between the supportive backpack straps and convenient side handles. Interior mesh pockets and a large zippered compartment organized all my belongings. My only gripe was wishing for a dedicated laptop sleeve as my device slid around a bit.

Overall, the feature-packed yet stylish Go-Bag Small is built to handle serious adventure. While its $199 price exceeds basic luggage, for a highly durable and sustainable bag, it’s easy to justify.

Baboon to the Moon Go-Bag Big Review

Baboon’s largest bag excels for trips over 5 days or road trips needing ample storage. Its cavernous 60L capacity and 21.5′′ x 12.5′′ x 14′′ size qualify it as checked luggage.

Recently, I tossed it jam-packed with clothing and souvenirs from Mexico into my trunk, appreciating the Big’s rugged handles and waterproof fabric keeping contents protected. Once arriving, I wore it on my back with comfort thanks to the foam-padded straps and molded air channels.

The Big features the same handy organization pockets as the smaller sizes. Yet its largest compartment happily swallows piles of clothing and bulky items without fuss. Just beware it gets heavy when full.

While the Big (60L) functions as checked luggage, we could see ourself using it for a longer hike. The bag offers great durability and comfortable backpack straps to transport necessities. With care, folding and packing items compactly could allow a week’s worth of clothing and gear.

For road trips, weekend getaways and even week-long adventures, the Go-Bag Big’s ample storage, comfortable transport and resilience prove it an exceptional travel partner. If you maximize packing, its $219 cost delivers great value.

More Go-Bag Features and Accessories

Beyond the 3 Go-Bag sizes, Baboon to the Moon offers coordinating accessories like packing cubes, sling bags and fanny packs.

Months ago while scrolling Instagram, ads for their new Crescent Crossbody intrigued us. This small sling bag comes in the brand’s signature bright hues. With multiple pockets, it suits adventures needing portable organization.

For easy packing, Baboon to the Moon’s reusable packing cubes could assist organizing clothes, toiletries and electronics. These accessories take the guesswork out of fitting items compactly into the Go-Bags. Using them with my Mini on a recent Orlando trip helped maximize space.

The brand also makes laptop sleeves, allowing devices to slide securely into Go-Bags’ larger compartments. So travelers needing to safely transport tech can personalize their bags.

Is Baboon to the Moon Worth the Investment?

After testing Baboon to the Moon’s Go-Bags, I can attest their steep price tags reflect the quality materials, durable designs and sustainable construction integrated into each bag.

These functional duffels should last for years of travel, while offering flexibility to pack and carry bags how you please. The vibrant color and pattern options inject personality and fun into the travel experience.

For those wanting a stylish, adventure-ready bag, Baboon to the Moon absolutely delivers. The Go-Bags emerge as versatile and durable travel companions ready to become carry-on staples for many trips to come.

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