All You Need to Know About Inflight WiFi 🌐 on Virgin Atlantic 🔴

Discover how to connect to Virgin Atlantic’s inflight Wi-Fi service and compatible devices. Stay connected 👉👈 in the air with Virgin Atlantic WiFi options

Virgin Atlantic Offers WiFi on All Aircraft

As air travel resumes its pre-pandemic pace, passengers are eager to stay connected while in transit. For many, access to WiFi is no longer a luxury but a necessity for work and entertainment. Virgin Atlantic aims to meet this demand by offering WiFi services on all of its aircraft. However, with varying packages, prices, and performance, navigating these options can prove tricky. This article explores everything you need to know about getting online at 35,000 feet with Virgin Atlantic.

Connecting and Choosing a Package

Virgin Atlantic’s WiFi is available on all of its 36 aircraft, which are equipped by providers Gogo, Viasat, and Panasonic. The type of WiFi system depends on the plane. For example, Boeing 787 planes use Panasonic, while A330s and 747s use Gogo. Depending on your aircraft, you’ll be able to purchase messaging-only passes from £2.99, one-hour passes from £4.99, or flight passes from £14.99. Messaging access allows using iMessage, WhatsApp and social media, while flight passes enable email, browsing, streaming (on most aircraft), and more.

Speed, Reliability and Limitations

Speed and reliability varies. Virgin Atlantic notes its WiFi may not match the performance of home broadband given its satellite transmission. Reviewers describe speeds allowing simple browsing but find the network struggles with video streaming. Performance depends on user traffic, weather, and the satellite coverage area. While transatlantic flights may face interruptions over open ocean, services is generally smoother over land.

Powering Devices and Entertainment

To power your devices, USB ports are at every seat, while 110V AC power outlets in Upper Class, Premium, and select Economy seats accommodate larger electronics like laptops. Passengers can use phones, tablets, e-readers, portable games, Bluetooth headphones (with wired use for safety briefings) and more throughout the flight by enabling flight safe mode. Laptops must be stowed for takeoff and landing.

Looking Ahead to Improved WiFi

While advancements in in-flight WiFi have proved gradual, customer expectations continue accelerating. Virgin Atlantic acknowledges the demand for greater speed, reliability and accessibility. Though its current product has limitations, the airline is focused on closing this gap through partnerships with providers pioneering the next era of aviation connectivity. In the meantime, Virgin Atlantic offers helpful guidance on getting the most out of its existing packages, while still emphasizing complimentary entertainment so passengers can access their content with or without WiFi. Staying connected above the clouds remains a complex endeavor, but Virgin Atlantic aims to make it an smoother, more enjoyable experience.

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