Swiss Camera Museum


  • Immerse yourself in the fascinating journey of photography at the Swiss Camera Museum, a truly exceptional experience. The museum vividly highlights the remarkable strides made in less than 200 years, transforming a world once reliant on paintings for conveying portraits and landscapes. Delve into the enthralling narrative of pioneering scientists and researchers, including the contributions of visionaries like Louis Daguerre in France and William Talbot in England. The museum boasts a fabulous collection, spanning from early cameras to today's ubiquitous smartphones, empowering everyone to become a photographer. It's a captivating exploration into the evolution of photography, where hundreds of millions of images are now uploaded daily to social media.
  • Unfortunately, this museum proved to be a disappointment. The exhibits were dull and poorly executed, with many displays broken or poorly presented. It's regrettable that the potential for a much better experience was not realized. Despite these shortcomings, it might be an option for those with time on their hands and nothing else to do.
  • For enthusiasts seeking a detailed historical journey through the world of photography, the Swiss Camera Museum is a comprehensive delight. Spanning from the early days of Daguerreotype to the digital age, the museum also showcases unique niche equipment, such as a compact camera from the '30s, and covers movie projectors. Housed in a deceptively small building, the museum unfolds across five floors. Conveniently located within a 10-minute walk from the train station and near the lakeside promenade, it offers free entry with the Swiss Travel Pass. Alternatively, admission is 16 CHF for adults and 7 CHF for those under 18 years, making it an accessible and informative exploration. Audio guides are available in major languages to enhance your experience.


  • Vevey

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Grande Place 99, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland

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